Energy: renewable energy sources get first preference

Energy: renewable energy sources get first preference

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Using energy more efficiently and switching to renewable energy sources is essential for combating climate change. As Stahl, we regularly upgrade our production sites and laboratory facilities to achieve energy efficiencies that improve our environmental footprint.

Stahl’s renewable energy commitment

In 2017, we began purchasing renewable electricity for our manufacturing sites in Europe, and these now run entirely on green energy. Renewable energy sources now account for 34% of our global energy consumption.

In 2018, we installed solar panels at our manufacturing site in Portão, Brazil. The panels have a total capacity of 840 kW and supply approximately 50% of the electricity consumed in the facility. During 2019 Stahl will monitor the success of this project and will make plans to introduce solar energy at our other facilities. This will form part of the mix of energy efficiency projects we have underway at our manufacturing sites around the world.

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Energy intensity: total energy consumed per production volume

We report on energy as the total energy consumed in TJ and per production volume (i.e.: energy intensity). In 2018, we included more energy sources in our reporting (briquettes, high speed diesel and renewable vs. traditional and gray electricity). And we introduced a distinction between renewable and traditional and gray electricity sources.

2018 2017 2016 2015
Energy (TJ)
380 3901 319 305
Share of Renewable energy*
34% 34% - -
Total production volume
228,440 238,590 207,923 195,646
Energy intensity (TJ)*
0.00166 0.00163 0.00153 0.00156
These KPI's have been audited and verified by Ernst & Young.

1.  Energy intensity is (Energy consumption (TJ) per tons produced) = Energy (TJ) / Total production volume
*  Energy consumption is based on Lower Heat Value (LHV). 2017 energy in TJ now also includes Briquettes consumption by Kanchipuram.
   This category was added in 2018. To show the trend in 2018 compared to 2017, we added this.

Energy defined by GRI

The Energy standard defined by GRI addresses amongst others the use of energy, the various forms of energy and the sourcing of energy.

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Energy: renewable energy sources get first preference
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