Occupational health and safety for zero injuries and accidents

Occupational health and safety for zero injuries and accidents

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Stahl views the health and safety of our employees as our number one responsibility. All our activities, policies, monitoring, reporting and training aim to create a true safety culture with zero injuries and accidents.

Stahl’s Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) policy

The key principles of our Safety, Health and Environment policy are:

Our safety policy is linked to our business activities and operations by a management system that sets out the need to:

Road to Zero (R20) program

Stahl’s Zero Tolerance Policy defines unsafe behavior to ensure that people do not get injured at work.As a company, we have always placed a strong focus on providing safe products to our clients and a safe working environment for our employees and on-site contractors. On top of local efforts, we offer global support through the Global SHE and Process Safety manager, who is in charge of implementing our SHE policy and R20 (Road-to-Zero) program. The pillars of our R20 program are:

Safety key performance indicators

We report our SHE performance annually, in our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report and track safety indicators to ensure we continue to improve our evaluation and prevention of risks. We report our injuries, incidents, audits, trainings, engineering projects and other prevention steps monthly, both internally and to our shareholders. 

Read our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report.

Occupational health and safety by GRI

Healthy and safe work conditions involve both prevention of physical and mental harm, and promotion of workers’ health. Read more about the GRI standard Occupation health and safety.

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Occupational health and safety for zero injuries and accidents
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