Training and education: promoting continuous learning

Training and education: promoting continuous learning

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At Stahl, we expect new ideas and creativity, we promote learning and encourage product, process and administrative innovations. We view continuous change as the driver of opportunities and see training and education as central to offering a safe, healthy and vibrant workplace.

GRI standard training and education

The GRI Standard on Training and Education covers the following:

An extensive internal training and education program

Our primary responsibility is the health and safety of our people and our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) training is of utmost importance. Every new employee receives the latest SHE training and instructions in line with their position. This is followed by more specific job-related training to ensure the make the best of the information, resources, products and capabilities at their disposal.

E-learning modules on critical social and human rights topics

Training for Stahl commercial staff is designed to help them provide practical and innovative technical solutions for our customers. In 2018, we also introduced e-learning to educate staff on critical social and human rights topics, and 1200 employees, over 50% of our workforce, received this training in 2018. The e-learnings included modules on bribery, corruption, modern slavery, workplace diversity and inclusion, GDPR (data privacy) training and IT security awareness.

Stahl Campus®: promoting good practices and transparency 

Stahl Campus® trains and educates university students, NGOs, brands, suppliers, distributors, customers and other stakeholders in the supply chain. The goal is to promote good practices and transparency throughout the supply chain by hosting trainees in our state-of-the-art laboratories, and to strengthen knowledge via theoretical and practical training modules. Stahl Campus® is a key element of the company’s strategy of promoting transparency throughout the supply chain.

Sharing knowledge and combining expertise through partnerships

Stahl cooperates with over 30 universities and colleges around the world on a wide range of projects. We also participate in public-private partnerships in Ethiopia and India aimed at promoting environmentally friendly leather making.

Training and education by GRI

Training and education defined by GRI includes an organization’s approach to training and upgrading employee skills, and performance an career development reviews. Read more about the GRI standard Training and Education.

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Training and education: promoting continuous learning
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