A can-do culture

As chemical specialists, we cater to the evolving needs of our customers and society. With our can-do mentality, we believe that if it can be imagined, it can be created. To support this belief, each of us stands for the Stahl company values: imagination, responsibility, initiative and cooperation. We put these values into practice every day.

The values that make us tick

We put the values we believe in - imagination, responsibility, initiative and cooperation - into practice every day to support our customers in what they are trying to accomplish. We are partners. We listen to and think with. We co-create and collaborate, take initiative and accept responsibility to improve the durability, sustainability, protection, safety, aesthetics, weight, smell and feel of intermediate materials and end products.


We believe that through cooperation you can really make a difference. Working side-by-side offers the best chances to deliver value to all our stakeholders. For our customers, for ourselves and for the industry.

“Together, we have proven over and over that our company can have a positive impact if we work closely, whether within Stahl, with our clients and partners or with other stakeholders. It is truly inspiring to see how all Stahl colleagues put ‘collaboration’ into practice every day. For example, reducing the impact on the environment is, obviously, not a one-person job. That is why we work closely with governmental bodies, partners, customers and other organizations on numerous durable projects, from environmental issues to improving working conditions to anti-corruption measures and more. We simply believe that collaboration is the key to create a better world for more people,” Maarten Heijbroek, CEO.


Without imagination, there is no innovation. Imagining the impossible is the only way to move forward. Our own employees can tell you best:

“Imagination is the ultimate driver of the creative process as it sets out what you want to achieve. Without imagination there would be no inventions and no discoveries, no art and no music, no purpose of a team or a company. Our slogan speaks for itself; no company I have ever worked for has lived by its tagline as much Stahl does. Success starts with imagination and having the freedom to show initiative, and Stahl fosters this within the ethical, sustainability, compliance and SHE frameworks and the objectives of a for-profit company. Stahl offers a great climate for imagination.” Cord Matthies, Stahl’s Global Mergers & Acquisitions Manager.


Our culture is what defines us and what creates a competitive advantage. Stahl is built on entrepreneurialism and the efforts of all individuals within the company who bring forward ideas and business development opportunities.


By having a significant impact on the world, we believe that it is our responsibility to drive initiatives that are having a positive effect on the supply chain and the environment. This is felt throughout the whole organization. Setting an example ourselves, we aim for a transparent and sustainable supply chain.

“At Stahl, every employee is responsible for CSR and this is definitely felt throughout the organization. From the top, employees are actively encouraged to consider themselves how, in their position, they can contribute to sustainability. You can see that the theme is increasingly discussed on the work floor.” Karen Brighouse, Prod. Ev. Group Leader Leather Finish, Automotive Leather Chemicals Tech Service & Sales.

We put our customers first

At Stahl, our customers are valuable. In that, we are seen as the go-to partner since all our processes and company activities are done in support of what the customer is trying to accomplish.

  • We achieve long-term customer loyalty. Our customer’s lifetime is of value to us;

  • We continually tailor, develop and shape our products, services and solutions to fit the increasingly fine definition of the customer;

  • We empower employees to work closely with customers and do everything to exceed expectations with compliance in mind;

  • Our customers will obtain precisely what they need. Our customers value a product or service according to how closely it appears to be ‘designed’ just for them

Inspiring leadership

We believe that strong leaders empower us to work together to reach our full potential. That’s why we invest in developing inspiring leadership skills that engage our teams and help us align on our definitions of purpose and success, ultimately realizing our wider organizational vision.

Stahl focuses on building a knowledge-based society to build leadership and develop employees into ethical professionals, under the above mentioned values. This way, employees are prepared to support Stahl also in caring for societies, communities, and the environment; and to drive the organization towards sustainability.