Marcus Breulmann about his dream job

Marcus did not always know that he wanted to become a tanner. He imagined something else for his career. But after his apprenticeship he continued and became a master craftsman and studied leather technology. The combination of craftsmanship and innovative technology still fascinates him today.

From a doubter to a dream job

When I was younger I found it very difficult to choose a school or career for my future. Now I know that a career choice is not something final, but instead it should be seen as a process that you can control. It can feel like a burden especially when you are not one of those people who have known what they wanted to become since they were young. I didn’t know either. I certainly did not know that being a tanner would be my dream job until I actually worked as one. As a pupil, I didn’t realize that chemistry is a highly exciting system that functions like a bunch of LEGO blocks; you can create great things with just a couple of blocks.

What I like about my job is that it is ‘varied’ in the best sense of the word. From the countless ways of applying chemicals in the service of man and nature to the rather small, but absolutely international industry that is almost like a family. For over approximately 20 years, I have had the opportunity to fly around the world, share experiences with people from a wide range of cultures, and develop procedures, colors and leather articles with them. I lived and worked in various countries for approx. 15 years. In addition, you almost always find a job as a tanner, because it is a very specialized area.
Working in the chemical industry is very innovative, because the markets and conditions are constantly changing, just like the world we live in. This is actively protected and maintained in the long term by cleverly applied chemistry.
Marcus Breulmann,
Technical Manager Wet-End Chemicals