Aviation as real-world testing ground to champion the Sharing Revolution

Aviation as real-world testing ground to champion the Sharing Revolution

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With the automotive industry at the cusp of disruption, we strongly belief that the mobility modes automotive and aviation are synergistic to each other. With the sharing revolution in mind, Stahl is testing its next generation surface coating technologies and solutions under real-world conditions in the aviation space already today.

Cooperation is the key to innovation

We understand that cooperation is key to innovation. Working side-by-side offers the best chances to produce success-stories. This is why Stahl has engaged with clients, airliners, design studios and trusted aviation partners with respective FAA and EASA approvals.

We, as well our partners, believe that together great things can happen.

“As a Swiss aircraft interior refurbishing company, we stand for quality, premium products and innovation. For our demanding clients in both General Aviation and Business Aviation, we chose innovative and sustainable materials from AeroVisto. Our client base value high-quality materials, a short and transparent supply chain as well the comfort of getting products that set new benchmarks in terms of durability, maintainability and aesthetics – thanks to Stahl’s latest available innovations in surface technologies in aviation and beyond". 

Hermann Bauer, Managing Director Maritime Aerospace AG

“AeroVisto has chosen to work with Stahl as its exclusive technology partner. We recognize Stahl´s unrivalled market- and innovation-leadership in its specific segments. Therefore, having unconstrained access to Stahl´s vast know-how in interior surfaces, its Best-in-Class automotive technology as well its training resources represents an unprecedented value to us and our client base in the aviation space. This enables us to be always one step ahead”. 

Andreas Kretschmann, Senior Client Advisor, AeroVisto GmbH

Champion the Sharing Revolution together

Our motto is ‘if it can be imagined, it can be created’. Interested to know more how Stahl champions the Sharing Revolution in the mobility space? Contact us to explore the possibilities.

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Aviation as real-world testing ground to champion the Sharing Revolution
John Fletcher
Chief Innovation Officer