Committed to quality and creativity: the Italian leather industry

Committed to quality and creativity: the Italian leather industry

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February 3th, 2020

Nowadays, Italy is regarded as a world leader in innovative fashion and quality leather craftsmanship. As a supplier of leather solutions, Stahl shares that drive for innovation and holds high-quality standards. For this reason, Stahl is located in Santa Croce, a major leather region, working closely with the industry. But what makes the Italian leather industry so unique? And how does Stahl support this industry in realizing its high standards?

Leather and fashion are a tradition and passion

Leather and fashion are deeply embedded in the Italian culture and tradition. The craft of leather making is often passed down one generation to the next, and each generation has a drive to improve and innovate. This is why Stahl is based in the heart of the leather-producing region in Santa Croce. A region that is renowned for its fine leathers for footwear and other leather goods, used by luxury fashion brands, conveniently located nearby in the city of Florence. What happens here has a major influence on fashion trends around the world. Being located in proximity to both the leather production and the fashion industry opens up potential for cooperation. To facilitate this we have we have established our Center of Excellence for leather shoes and leather goods in Santa Croce.

A Center of Excellence in the center of the industry

At the center we bring both tanneries and brands together to work on technical leather solutions and innovative finishes. The Stahl Design Studio® team plays an important role in this process, as they research new emerging trends and develop new solutions with our technical experts to service our clients and partners. These innovations and ideas can be created, tested and produced on a small scale, which offers a major benefit in a high-paced and ever-changing industry. 

Watch this video and learn more about the Italian leather industry.

The future of Italian leather

As partner for the leather and fashion industries, we work daily to develop new technologies. This way, we help you realize the high-quality properties that are required but also meet the current sustainability standards. We are ready to serve you at our facilities with state-of-the-art machinery and technologies to help you realize your creative visions.

Solutions and services for premium products

As an industry supplier, Stahl supports partners and clients in bringing their products to exceptional standards with more than solutions. Whether it’s market innovation, product quality or sustainability, our material experts and technicians are at your disposal. Find out more about our brand services and what they can do for you.

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Committed to quality and creativity: the Italian leather industry
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