First solar powered industrial plant for Stahl Brasil

First solar powered industrial plant for Stahl Brasil

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February 14, 2019

Looking for ways to lower our environmental footprint is part of daily operations at Stahl, and at Stahl Brasil we’ve taken a large step forward by investing in solar power to supply 50% of the energy needs of our plant in Portão.

Sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels

Finding new forms to generate energy is the great challenge of modern engineering. Doing so is needed not just to prevent the depletion of natural resources, but also to be self-sufficient and independent of oil, gas and mineral fossil fuels. To keep our operations running, we need sustainable solutions that can keep our facilities heated and our forklifts powered up. Less is better when it comes to using energy, and shifting to more durable energy generation is one of the pillars of today’s industry.

2,225 solar modules?

The implementation project, part of our global company challenge to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and move to self-sufficiency, started in July 2018. Over seven months, we placed 2,225 solar modules on the roofs and around the grounds and parking lot. This is enough to provide Stahl Brasil’s second biggest facility, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with 840 kWp (kilowatt peak), enough to supply half the power needed by this manufacturing plant. See for yourself what 2,225 solar panels look like from above.

The spirit of challenge?

Stahl people thrive on overcoming challenges and the solar panels at the plant in Portão don’t just power the facility, they power the team as well. “This motivates us, because the new element makes the next day more exciting,” explains local manager Fabiano André Trein. “Employees, customers and suppliers can monitor the generation of power in the lobby and cafetaria on the real-time displays. When we look at the nature around us for solutions to reduce our footprint, we find endless possibilities and solutions.” Want to know more about our sustainability drive? Read our sustainability report here.