Interior solutions for future mobility ecosystems

Interior solutions for future mobility ecosystems

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March 29th, 2018

Right now, we think of a car as the space in which we reside in while in transit. As innovations arrive at a rapid pace and the concept of mobility takes hold of all aspects of our lives, that idea is about to change. A change that will have a major impact on the leather industry and the way we use materials. We believe this to be a central theme and main trend for the future.

As a partner in the creation of the futuristic Rinspeed SNAP concept car, we explored the way innovations like autonomous driving and mobility ecosystems will reshape future car interiors. Imagine your hands freed from the steering wheel, how do you think car interiors will look when they become third living spaces? During ACLE we will showcase solutions like our Stahl EVO® portfolio, which already anticipates a future in motion.

The car as a third living space

The Rinspeed Snap is that car, which serves as transport, while you work or enjoy entertainment. A third living space, which you no longer just occupy as passenger or driver, but where you live in. Thanks to expansive technology, you are always connected, so any activities you would undertake at home or in the office, can now take place on the go, with the vehicle in motion or standing still.

The Rinspeed Snap also imagines a mobility ecosystem, where ownership fades, and shared use becomes the main mode of utilization. That means continuous use for a variety of purposes, which puts new, more complex requirements on the interior of the car.

Innovating the future car interior

With this concept car, we created a glimpse into the already changing car interiors. As cars become third living spaces, our requirements change. They become similar to what we ask from our homes in air quality, aesthetics, performance, and cleanliness. Thanks to our various future-forward solutions, those qualities are already available:

Best-in-class synthetic surfaces

Our Stahl EVO® range is the next generation of coatings for synthetics and an ideal solution for in-car surfaces. Their versatile application and unlimited creative freedom makes them ideal for designers. Stahl EVO® products are water-based or use mild solvents, making them a more sustainable solution to what is currently on the market. Various DMF(A)- and VOC-free options are already available.

Clean leather with a soft touch

Leather surfaces are a traditional and much beloved feature in our cars. It is now possible to have clean and safe leather that improves the air-quality. With our Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ beamhouse solution together with our Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ tanning system, smooth high-quality leather can be created, using significantly less water, chemicals and energy. Free of hazardous chemicals, it provides VOC-free leather with exceptional performance, lower weight and the pleasant touch we love.

Looks that last

Thanks to Stahl’s Edge Paint, leather can get that perfect touch-up to create amazing aesthetics with lasting quality and completely personalized looks. Tested under adverse conditions, Edge Paint never lets you down. Additional treatment of both leather and synthetic surfaces with our Stahl Stay Clean® solution, makes sure that the interior retains its perfect look and is easy to clean. That makes it a vital solution for a shared third living space that is in use continuously.

These solutions make sure the interior always is pleasant and clean, making every trip in the Rinspeed Snap feel like the first one. At Stahl, we continuously strive to imagine tomorrow’s needs and fulfill them. The future of car interiors is more sustainable with long-lasting performance. Don’t miss out.