How Stahl BeTan<sup>®</sup> benefits responsible tanners

How Stahl BeTan® benefits responsible tanners

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June 23th, 2020

For tanners, reducing the effluent load and resource consumption is an industry top priority. Not just for the sake of meeting legislative requirements, but also to comply with universally growing ecological awareness. The beamhouse and tanning process accounts for 70% of the wastewater and solid waste from the production process. Stahl BeTan® offers a technical solution for tanners who aim to apply higher ecological standards.

Towards a more sustainable tanning process with BeTan®

There are a number of essential steps to be undertaken for tannery processes to achieve a more positive environmental footprint:

Traditional process chemicals are known to be heavy on bactericides, surfactants, and chemicals like sulfide, amine and ammonium salts. These cause part of the above issues, but the alternative tanning technologies contained within the Stahl BeTan® portfolio offer alternative methods that remove or minimize the need for harmful compounds like heavy metals, nitrogen and sulfides.

Responsible quality leathers

By implementing the ZDHC MRSL compliant technologies from the Stahl BeTan® portfolio, tanners are able to lower their use of water, salt, and chemicals. Cost-effective technologies will save time and energy, but also reduce the amount of waste due to a reduction of solids in the process. Yet still facilitate the overcoming of issues like wrinkles, hair roots, stains, smells and VOCs. The whitepaper you can download below this article provides a full overview of the benefits and technologies offered within this new portfolio for every process step, from soaking to tanning, including auxiliaries.

Explore the potential advantages and savings you can make with Stahl BeTan®, download the whitepaper today.

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How Stahl BeTan<sup>®</sup> benefits responsible tanners
David Sabaté
Beamhouse Global Technical Manager