Stahl BeTan<sup>®</sup> helps tanners meet today’s environmental demands

Stahl BeTan® helps tanners meet today’s environmental demands

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June 3th, 2020

Our general modes of production are facing profound changes and challenges, and the leather industry is no exception. Environmental concerns have prompted new legislation and standards that producers and consumers expect from the materials used daily, from our car seats and upholstery to shoes and fashion items. As the leading supplier of process solutions and leather chemicals, Stahl launches the Stahl BeTan® portfolio to support tanners in making responsible changes to their processes.  

Responsible chemistry

At the core of Stahl's efforts lies responsible chemistry, which functions as a gamechanger for the industries we serve. Many sectors, among which leather production, face various challenges that call for a rewiring of production in order to reduce the ecological footprint of resource-use and waste management. Our extensive range of leather solutions can solve many of the issues tanners face, which is why they've been brought together under the new portfolio name Stahl BeTan®. Solutions based on responsible chemistry that enable efficient, high-quality leather production while complying with environmental legislation. Joachim Henkmann, Global Marketing Manager for Stahl Leather Chemicals, explains why this is essential for the modern leather industry.

Stahl BeTan®: the complete portfolio of best-in-class solutions

Many of the technologies found in this new portfolio have been tried and tested in the industry. Their qualities are already well known among tanners. An example is our beamhouse solution  Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™, which offers a 100% natural alternative to traditional technologies. Another is the celebrated Stahl EasyWhite Tan™, our metal-free tanning solution.

With our technologies, comprehensive leather expertise and services, we help tanners make sure the implementation of Stahl BeTan® solutions is successful. As each type of leather producer has specific demands, so there is no one-size-fits-all package that meets the requirements of every tannery. Because all technologies are compatible, each combination of solutions is possible to meet the distinct demands of every tannery. We also help our clients to make the transition to responsible technologies a smooth one, as we provide training and knowledge for the tannery staff through our Stahl Campus® institute. This is part of our support package, to ensure success for our valued clients and partners in meeting the demands of our time and achieve the best possible results with Stahl BeTan®.

Would you like to know more about Stahl BeTan® and what our team can do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact Joachim Henkmann below. 

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Stahl BeTan<sup>®</sup> helps tanners meet today’s environmental demands
Joachim Henkmann
Global Marketing - Business Unit Leather Chemicals