Women in science: Victoria Liu

Women in science: Victoria Liu

February 11th, 2022

Today, on 11 February, we celebrate the International Day of Women in Science. At Stahl, we have incredible women who contribute to our everyday success. One of the women who contributes to Stahl’s power of innovation is Victoria Liu, a Research & Development (R&D) Chemist based in Suzhou, China. Together with her team, she works tirelessly to create new products, which enrich the goods we use in our everyday lives. We spoke to Victoria and asked her why she choose to pursue a career in science and what her advice is for young girls who are considering pursuing a career in this male-dominated field. 

Victoria joined Stahl eleven years ago. Before she joined Stahl, she worked at AkzoNobel as an R&D Chemist. “When I came to Stahl I noticed immediately that it’s a company full of creative spirit and endless possibilities. We have a wonderful team in the R&D lab which contributes to our worldwide Stahl organization.” 

Women in science 
Victoria tells us that anyone who is a “science person” is typically eager to explore, create, is focused, and has logical thinking skills. “I think women in science often add more patience and an eye for detail to their teams. I love being a woman in science, it makes me more confident and proud of my work. I look forward to continuing my contribution to new chemistry research and developments.” 

Advice for young girls who want to pursue a career in science 
Being a young girl, you may be afraid to express yourself or worry that you will be less accepted or that you don’t have sufficient knowledge of this field. 
But please don’t be afraid! To work in science, you need to be open-minded, work hard and do what you think is right. This is how you can claim your seat at the table, and once you’ve claimed your spot please keep sitting at that table. 
By doing so you will accumulate knowledge, experience, and skills that you’d otherwise not have. And trust me if you do this, in time, you will become more confident.” 

Her inspiration to pursue a career in science
Victoria believes that the environment you’re in affects your growth. She says that her education and the opportunities she’s had to pursue academia are what lead her to a career in science. “I followed the advice of my inspiring teachers and professors to become a chemist and have never looked back.” 

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