Transforming Stahl’s leadership for a sustainable future

Transforming Stahl’s leadership for a sustainable future

“Stahl takes an active role in organizations that are driving positive impact throughout the industry, like the ZDHC Foundation, which is eliminating unwanted substances from the fashion industry, and the Renewable Carbon Initiative, which is replacing fossil carbon in the chemical industry. Stahl is an active board member of both of these governance bodies and sat on the Executive Committee of the Leather Working Group, which ensures environmental stewardship for tanneries, from 2017 to 2021.” Michael Costello, Group Director of ESG

Stahl Group has a matrix organization with a strong local presence and a regional setup, and centralized management located at the operational headquarters of Stahl Group: Stahl Holdings BV in the Netherlands. Stahl Group S.A. is the shareholder of Stahl Parent BV and Stahl Parent BV is the direct shareholder of Stahl Holdings BV as per the end of 2021.

Maarten Heijbroek was appointed as Stahl’s CEO and member of the Board on 1 July 2021. He succeeded Huub van Beijeren, who retired after 14 years at the helm.

The governance structure is as follows:

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