Touching lives,
for a better world

At Stahl, we’re about more than just the products we make or the services we provide. We aim to be part of something greater – by being connected to the world around us and adding value to people’s lives.

This mindset is embodied in our purpose: Touching lives, for a better world. 

Touching lives...

Stahl is the global leader in speciality coatings and treatments for flexible substrates. Our performance coatings can be found on everyday materials in the automotive, apparel, luxury goods, footwear, packaging, and home furnishings industries, among others.

We are the company that creates great experiences. When consumers touch our products, we touch their lives – this is the impact we make each and every day.

But in making these countless all-important connections, we have an important responsibility – to create safe, sustainable, durable products that improve people’s lives and help society to move forward.  

For a better world

As a key player in the speciality coatings and treatments for flexible substrates value chain, we must deliver more than just better performance and better value. We have a responsibility to contribute to a better world by being a catalyst for a more responsible and sustainable industry.

That’s why we’re working hard to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, from energy use to waste. And it’s why we focus our research and development on responsible, low-impact innovations.

Because we can’t do it alone, we’re committed to working with our partners to reduce our environmental impact, including by accelerating the transition to renewable feedstocks.

Putting our purpose into action 

Our purpose is an integral part of how we think, act, work, plan, and communicate as a company. It encapsulates our commitment to addressing today’s critical industrial, social, and environmental challenges, and to working with our value chain partners to create a better future for people and planet.

Explore the rest of our website and our 2023 ESG Report – and see the many different ways we’re bringing our purpose to life through the work we do.