Edge paint

Definition of edge paint

Edge paint is a specialized coating applied to protect and enhance the edge of leather and synthetic fashion accessories.

What is edge paint?

Edge paint is a coating that is designed to cover, protect, and embellish the edges of accessories like handbags, wallets, belts, shoes, and more. This edge paint sits on top of the substrate providing it with protection and adding to the appeal of the article. Edge paint is used on many handbags as it gives the bags a sense of elegance.

Edge paint products can have different properties. For example, being ironable or buffable, or being rounded or flat. They can also come in different shine levels: dull, satin or gloss.

Finally, applications can be done by hand or by different types of machines. This usually depends on the surface/item where it is applied.

Why is edge paint important?

Edge paint gives designers an additional way to bring their designs to life. Many luxury brands use edge paint to add extra splendor and protection to their products.
Edge paint is essential to create a beautiful product that stands out and excels in performance.

What is edge paint made of?

Edge paint is a combination of resin, charges, and pigments. Depending on how you combine these, you can have different characteristics: flat or round aspects, more or less flexible or resistant, etc.

How long does it take edge paint to dry?

The length of edge paint drying depends. The more solid content you have, the less time you need. However, this time is also affected by external conditions such as temperature or humidity.

How do you apply edge paint?

You can apply edge paint manually or with different types of special machines.

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