Coupa Supplier Questionnaire

Coupa Supplier Questionnaire

In April 2022, suppliers will receive an email with a link to a survey requesting information about your company and required contact information to get you setup to transact with Stahl. Below is a summary of the survey questionnaire to assist with preparing for completing the survey.

Download the Supplier Questionnaire here

1Company Identity

What is the legal name of the company you represent?
What is the primary Tax ID (VAT number, EIN/TIN etc.) of the company you represent?

2Company Legal Address

Address Street Line 1
Address Street Line 2
City, State / Province / Region, Postal Code, Country Code

3Additional locations and Tax IDsDoes your company plan to supply Stahl from other locations using a different Tax ID than the primary Tax ID?
If Yes, then list those additional Tax IDs.
4Additional companies and Tax IDsAre there any other related companies that are contractually linked to providing goods or services to Stahl? If so, please provide (a) Full Legal Name (b) Primary Tax ID (c) Complete registered address (d) Other TAX IDs for the additional locations that will be used.
5Company Communications Contact Info

First Name, Surname
Email Address
Phone Number

6Stahl ContactStahl Contact Name
Stahl Contact Email
7PO and Invoice Options

Is your company currently using the Coupa Supplier Portal?

Indicate which option your company would prefer to use for receiving Purchase Orders from Stahl?
CSP (Coupa Supplier Portal)
SAN (Supplier Actionable Notifications

8CXML Contact Info

CXML Contact First Name, CXML Contact Surname
CXML Contact Email Address
CXML Contact Phone Number

9Coupa Portal Contact Info

First Name, Surname
Email Address
Phone Number

10Purchase Order Language

What is the preferred language you would like to receive your purchase orders?

11Additional Optional Contact #1 (Optional)

Contact 1 Purpose
Contact 1 First Name, Contact 1 Surname
Contact 1 Email
Contact 1 Phone Number

12Additional Optional Contact #2 (Optional)

Contact 2 Purpose
Contact 2 First Name, Contact 2 Surname
Contact 2 Email
Contact 2Phone Number


Is your company a Small Size business (between 1-50 employees and turnover below €10million)?

Is your company a Medium Size business (between 50-250 employees and turnover above €10million but below €50million)?

Is your company a Woman Owned business (is 51% owned by one or more women and whose management and daily operations are controlled by one or more women)?

Is your company a NGLCC certified business (is 51% owned, operated, managed, and controlled by an LGBTQ person or persons who are either UK/Europe citizens or lawful permanent residents. Exercises independence from any non-LGBTQ business enterprise. Has its principal place of business (headquarters) in UK/Europe.)?

Is your company a Disability Status owned business (is 51% owned, operated, managed, and controlled by a person or persons with a physical and/or mental impairment)?

Is your company certified by Social Enterprise UK (business with a social or environmental mission, certified by Social Enterprise UK)?

Is your company a Minority Owned business certified by MSDC UK?