It was almost twenty years ago when we asked ourselves: why doesn’t a finish exist that is matt in itself? This interesting question led us to develop the extensive PolyMatte® portfolio that we offer nowadays. Our PolyMatte® offers a smooth finishing technology that is matt in itself. Leather and synthetics like vinyl, polyurethane or polyolefin based materials can be given a long-lasting matt finish with superior aesthetic and technical value.

PolyMatte® is a proprietary Stahl polyurethane dispersion technology and compatible with water-based, polyurethane coatings. PolyMatte® forms a matt and smooth surface structure during the film forming and drying stage, which means fillers are not needed. The polyurethane nature of PolyMatte® provides a luxurious feel to the finished article. Also in terms of flexibility, scratch and abrasion resistance PolyMatte® exceeds other matting agent technologies on the market.

Key benefits
  • A film forming matting agent
  • Low to extreme low gloss (<1% at 60º angle)
  • Long-lasting, pleasant touch
  • Durable non-porous surface
  • Mar and scratch resistant
  • No squeaking
  • Low VOC

Our PolyMatte® portfolio
We offer an extensive portfolio of PolyMatte® to provide custom-made coatings that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of aesthetics, performance and sustainability. Our PolyMatte® portfolio contains many products, varying from finishes, duller concentrates, crosslinkers and thickeners, to leveling agents, defoamers, colorants and hand modifiers. In addition, we have developed bio-based PolyMatte® which is based on rapeseed oil (20%) instead of crude oil derived intermediates.

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