Safe, durable, and responsible aviation interior solutions

Safe and responsible aviation interior solutions

In commercial aviation, heavily used seats call for the highest performance standards for interior trims in terms of durability, maintainability, and hygiene. Stahl develops advanced coating solutions to meet these key needs. Our Stahl Stay Clean® technology platform provides lifetime+ solutions, purpose-built for shared mobility modes.

In general aviation, luxury aesthetics and design quality are priorities for business jet owners. With Stahl’s background in related automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technology, we work with our manufacturing partners to bring innovative interior concepts to life.

We understand aviation. In particular, we recognize the need to meet a growing range of regulatory requirements in areas such as health and safety and sustainability. We support our customers with our sustainable flame-retardant portfolio, as well as our FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) coating solutions for aviation soft-good materials.

Aviation partnerships

We work closely with our partners to advance responsible interior soft-trim innovations for the aviation industry.

Seat and trim

Developing high-quality responsible seat and trim solutions for the aviation industry.

Leather for aviation interiors

Our responsible leather solutions deliver on durability, maintainability, hygiene, and more.

AeroCare appearance products based on Stahl Stay Clean® technology

Enhance the maintainability and durability of your aviation asset while reducing your environmental impact. Take advantage of consistent OEM technology use in your airline maintenance programs with Stahl StayClean® lifetime+.

Flying safe with sustainable flame retardants that meet stringent requirements

Our extensive range of sustainable flame retardants offers reliable safety and durability, with a low environmental impact.

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