Training in best practices with Stahl Campus<sup>®</sup> for performance coatings

Training in best practices with Stahl Campus® for performance coatings

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Join our Stahl Campus® Performance Coatings training courses, where open our doors to share knowledge and provide training in the possibilities of coating formulations. Our training courses can focus on specific market segments and their requirements, such as Automotive, Apparel & Home Furnishing, Architectural & Interior Design, Industrial Application and Leisure & Lifestyle, yet can also be tailored and adjusted for adjacent industries. Our modular training program is suitable for training and educating of manufacturers, customers, brands, OEMs, university students, design schools, NGOs and industry associations.

Sharing expert knowledge in performance coatings.

Stahl is a market leader in chemistry for the treatment and coating of flexible materials. We set up the Stahl Campus® training modules in performance coatings to help promote responsible chemistry and sustainable practices in coating formulation and production. We believe that by sharing knowledge training industry experts and students, and providing information about the possibilities we support the shift towards a more transparent supply chain, where awareness of better practices is easily accessible. For that reason, responsible chemistry is always part of our training. Our approach is modular, making it easy to tailor learning programs to specific needs. Learning with Stahl Campus® sessions can take place at our global facilities, but also at client manufacturing locations.

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Training in best practices with Stahl Campus<sup>®</sup> for performance coatings
Annelies Janssen - van Drunen
Global Campus Manager