Stahl Campus<sup>®</sup> training in leather production and finishing

Stahl Campus® training in leather production and finishing

Join our Stahl Campus® Leather training courses, where we share our knowledge and best practices in the leather production process. Our trainings are designed to serve the needs in training and education for our customers, manufacturers, brands/OEMs, university students, design schools, NGOs and industry associations. 

Our programs align with the needs of students and professionals in the Automotive, Apparel & Accessories and Interior Design industries and can be adjusted based on stakeholder requests and specific information requirements.

Promoting a responsible supply chain from raw hide to leather finish

As industry leader in leather process chemicals and finishing technology, we have worked with and supplied to every aspect of the leather industry. Our knowledge of the entire process from raw hides in the wet-end part of production to the finish, care and treatment of leathers is extensive and we use this to promote best practices. With our Stahl Campus® Leather Modules, we can offer training and information about all aspects of leather production. We believe that in this way, we facilitate transparency that inevitably will lead to a better supply chain with responsible chemistry. Our approach is modular, making it easy to tailor learning programs to specific needs. Stahl Campus® sessions can take place at our global facilities, but also at client manufacturing locations. 
At Stahl, we are always looking for ways and tools to promote transparency. In that spirit, check out this insightful infographic that shows how a leather product is made

Leather Training modules

We offer different training modules that highlight each different stage of making a leather product:

Learning from the theory
Intro Stahl Worldwide
Who is Stahl
Safety within Stahl
Why Stahl Campus®

Tanning and Retanning
History of leather making
Tanning process (Beamhouse)
Retanning process (Wet-End)
Raw Material (under construction)

Base coat Finish
Base coat finish
How to formulate a base coat
Colour and Colour matching

Top coat Finish
Top coat finish

Trouble Shooting
Trouble shooting in general
Adjusting spray guns

Testing of Leather
Testlab overview Stahl Worldwide
Testing of leather
World of abrasion


Stahl Design Studio®
Stahl Design Studio®

ESG – Environmental Social Governance
Circular Economy
Life Cycle Assessments

Learning in practice

  • How to choose the best type of leather
  • Increase my product knowledge by making films
  • Increase my product knowledge per product group by spraying on leather
  • How to handle a hand spray gun and other leather machinery equipment
  • Design your own leather
  • Make a fashion article
  • Make a semi-cationic article
  • Match the perfect color
  • Test the quality of leather
Stahl Campus<sup>®</sup> training in leather production and finishing
Annelies Janssen - van Drunen

Global Campus Manager

Documents & Downloads

Documents & Downloads

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Stahl Campus<sup>®</sup> training in leather production and finishing
Annelies Janssen - van Drunen
Global Campus Manager

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