Stahl Centers of Excellence for leather and performance coatings

Center of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence for leather and performance coatings offer leadership, best practices, research, support and training to our clients and industry partners. We have centers within both our Leather and Performance Coatings divisions. These meet the demand for high performance products and solutions with a better environmental impact.

Stahl Centers of Excellence and their areas of expertise

A Stahl Center of Excellence is a team, shared facility or entity and focuses on a global industry specialism or serves as a generalist knowledge hub for a region. Every center can draw on the expertise of every other Stahl Center of Excellence.

China, Guangzhou | Leather Finish

Shoe, garment, leather goods and upholstery – internal and external training – collaboration with our Italian Center – China

  • Shoe

  • Garment

  • Leather goods and upholstery

China, Suzhou | Performance Coatings

Automotive – packaging film – packaging paper – synthetic materials – coated fabrics – textiles – specialties (medical, supportive gloves) – China

France, Graulhet | Edge Paint

Customized edge paint for leather – manufacturing processes – shoe & leather care products - R&D - sustainability – customer co-creation – global

Germany, Leinfelden | Leather Furniture Upholstery

Product development – customer trials – application development – showroom for technologies and trends – global

India, Kanpur | Center of Excellence for Sustainable Leather Technologies

Shoe, garment, leather goods and upholstery – sustainable leather making – Stahl Campus – internal and external training – waste water treatment – pickle-free technologies

Italy, Castelfranco di Sotto | Shoes & Leather Goods

Customized solutions for leather production – raw hides to aftercare – technology development – inhouse training – global

Mexico, Léon | Leather Finish

Footwear, fashion, automotive and tanneries – raw leather to finished leather and aftercare – testing laboratory – Americas

Spain, Parets del Vallès | Leather Dyes and Apparel & Home Furnishing

Performance coatings – leather chemicals technology – polymer technologies – tailor-made solutions – research – global

The Netherlands, Waalwijk | Center of Excellence for Automotive

High-performance car interiors – sustainable interiors – smart surfaces – special haptics – customer trials – global

United States, Apex - North Carolina | Center of Excellence

Coming soon! Is expected to open in October/November 2024

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