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Introducing the Stahl Premium Leather Design Collection Spring Summer 2025!

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Discover our inspiring leather collections and design items based on 20 different Pantone trend colors. Made with low-impact tanning processes and sustainable product solutions in leather wet-end and finishing.

The world is experiencing a relentless stream of crises and disasters, resulting in torment, instability, and economic downturns. This situation reinforces the need to escape through dreams, restoring sensitivity to the foreground, and celebrating a form of romanticism and dramatization.

While technology doesn’t offer a miraculous solution, its omnipresence is a reality, and by humanizing it, it can be a source of enchantment that offers amazement and elevates daily life.

We are constantly saturated by the mass of our artifacts. They have become the raw material we must sift through to assign meaning to, invent with and be critical on. Questions about creativity and subversion.

Reflecting, settling down, sorting, trying to regain control-concentrating on the essentials and reinforcing them, exploring the notions of restraint and rigor, considering know-how with an extra dose of soul, humanity and poetry.

At beach parties or sweet parades, commitment takes an unspoken turn. Transform to celebrate minorities: “Laugh and dance to promote exclusivity? This is the substance of a positive and joyful stimulus that relaxes extravagance in states of uncertainty, where the fun of a carnival or simply a night to rest is the perfect tool for self-expression. 

When you disarm yourself, anything goes and everything lasts - daring... to speak with pride about who we are to show our way out of life in what is a context of some grey times.

This theme is imbued with storytelling, used to convey the traditional folkloric beliefs and customs that inspire the design giving it a raw, rough finish to structures made from regenerative and renewable natural materials, including wood and plant fibres such as raffia and wicker. For recycled metals, the focus is on antique finishes and oxidation teamed with etched and painted motifs or pictorial components.

Stay clear of cultural appropriation when using motifs or referencing beliefs and folklore themes, clearly communicating the origin of the symbol or subject matter.

Rethinking daily life with an emphasis on an enticing materiality that calls upon our sensorial needs with a new level of immediacy. The focus is on 3D-inspired rounded design that softens iconic pieces and on childhood references that bring freshness and joy.

There’s a need to experience gratuitous pleasure, a desire for sensory stimulation, just to feel good, without necessarily having to justify yourself.

The proliferation of demands in all areas of life makes this counterpoint of pure relaxation necessary.

Visual and sensorial pleasure can also be compatible with sustainable commitment. Making ecological proposals attractive and playful allows them to be appreciated.

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