Conventional and polymeric waterproofing technologies

High-performance leather waterproofing begins at the wet-end of the tanning process. With our Densodrin® product portfolio, we offer both conventional and polymeric technologies for standard and high-performance waterproofing. Our waterproofing auxiliaries for neutralization and dispersion optimize distribution and prepare the leather for further treatment. With the incorporation of BASF’s Leather Chemicals division and Densodrin® and Densotan® brands, Stahl offers the broadest and most advanced range of waterproofing products on the market. Our waterproofing technologies are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which ensures that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.

ProductTypeMain features
Densodrin®  CDSynthetic, silicone-based fatliquor with a special emulsifier systemEspecially recommended for leather which requires the highest performance in waterproofing. Ideal for as well Full Grain as Nubuck.
Densodrin®  CSSynthetic, silicone-based fatliquor with a special emulsifier systemIdeal waterproofing product for Aniline Full Grain and Nubuck leathers that require high Maeser flexes.
Densodrin®  DPPolymer dispersion that contains siliconeRecommended for shoe upper - Excellent VOC and fogging results.
Densodrin®  DSSilicone-based synthetic fatliquor with a special emulsifier systemParticularly recommended for use as the sole fatliquor applied to shoe upper leather.
Densodrin®  ENHydrophobic, synthetic fatliquorSuitable for all waterproofed leathers that are tested according to the Bally method.
Densodrin®  ENSSynthetic, silicone-based fatliquor with a special emulsifier systemFor use on leather that is expected to fulfill medium to high levels of water resistance.
Densodrin®  EPPolymer dispersion that contains siliconeCan be used for all types of water proof chrome-tanned leather, but it is especially recommended for shoe upper leather.
Densodrin®  ERSynthetic, silicone-based fatliquor with a special emulsifier systemVery soft and smooth touch without loosening the grain. Full spongy handle, it can be dyed to clean, brilliant shades.

ProductTypeMain features
Densodrin®  HPPolymer dispersion that contains siliconeFull handle and a pleasant touch. It can be dyed to clean, brilliant shades and it responds well to buffing.
Densodrin®  OFPolysiloxane emulsionReactive silicone emulsion - Increase the water repellency of leather - Improves the softness of the leather and imparts a soft, silky handle.
Densodrin®  SAqueous emulsion of special silicon oilsDensodrin®  S is used as an additive in water-repellent treatment processes that employ Densodrin® CD, DS, EN, ENS or EP.
Densodrin®  SIPolymer emulsion containing siliconeAdditive used to enhance the water resistance of leather, especially in combination with other products from the Densodrin® range.
Densotan®  AAqueous, anionic polymer solution

Very versatile, high-performance dispersing agent - Enhances the performance of post-tanning treatment processes.

Derminol®  LUB liqWaterproofing polymersGeneral waterproofing polymer based fatliquor.

For a complete overview of our conventional and polymeric waterproofing technologies, download the product catalog below.

Full polymer silicone leather waterproofing

Meet our full polymer silicone waterproofing products: Densodrin® Polymeric Generation and polymeric Densotan® that together transform leather waterproofing. This is because they work every bit as well as conventional water-soluble waxes and silicones – but have a much lower environmental impact. Employing Densodrin® Polymeric Generation with the polymeric Densotan® auxiliary enables tanners and shoe manufacturers to benefit from full polymeric neutralization, re-tanning and waterproofing.

Standard and high performance conventional waterproofing

Our conventional waterproofing systems, using our synthetic Densodrin® DS, CD and CS fatliquors, offer very good waterproofing performance. Densodrin® CS is especially suitable for aniline full grain and nubuck leathers that require high Maeser flexes; Densodrin® DS is recommended for use as the sole fatliquor applied to shoe upper leathers; Densodrin® CD has high fastness properties that make it an excellent choice for use on white and pastel shades. It also is particularly recommended for leather tested by the Maeser method.

Densodrin® EN, ENS and ER are the solutions for conventional waterproofing. For leathers that need a medium to high level of water resistance, Densodrin® ENS is the waterproofing agent of choice. When it is important that the leather retains its grain tightness, but also has a very soft and smooth touch after waterproofing, we recommend Densodrin® ER, which also improves dyeing results. Densodrin® EN is suitable for waterproof leathers that are tested via the Bally method.

Densodrin® and their waterproof effect

Waterproofing auxiliaries Densodrin® and Densotan®

Our waterproofing auxiliaries for neutralization and dispersion – Densotan® A and CP – optimize distribution and prepare the leather for further treatment. Densodrin® OF and S are additives for boosting the water-resistance even further. Densodrin® OF also softens the leather and gives a smooth, silky handle to the leather.

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