Switch to sustainable leather tanning with Stahl EasyWhite Tan®

Switch to sustainable leather tanning with Stahl EasyWhite Tan®

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Stahl EasyWhite Tan® is our alternative sustainable tanning system for high-quality leather. Why sustainable? Because it lowers the carbon footprint and raw material usage associated with leather production. How? By significantly cutting water consumption and energy requirements versus conventional tanning technologies. It makes your tanning process chrome-free, faster, simpler and environmentally friendlier.

Improve your carbon footprint

Leather production processes have traditionally been a tradeoff between the quality of the tanned leather and the sustainability of the process. Stahl EasyWhite Tan® creates high-quality eco-friendly leather in a way that is more sustainable. It enables tanners to produce all types of chrome-free leather to standard leather product specifications – and beyond. Our Stahl EasyWhite Tan® system simplifies the tanning process to deliver time, energy and cost savings.

More benefits of Stahl EasyWhite Tan®

Stahl EasyWhite Tan® offers tanners and brands a range of production, marketing, quality and environmental benefits. These range from soft, smooth and lighter leather in every color to more eco-friendly and sustainable production processes and a simpler tanning process that is quicker and lower cost. All these benefits in fact:

Softer, smoother, thinner and lighter leather  
Leather tanned with Stahl EasyWhite Tan® is high quality. It’s soft and smooth while remaining dimensionally and thermally stable. It has a tighter grain and fewer wrinkles and veins, while its high elasticity makes the leather flexible, tear resistant and widely versatile. The result is thinner and lighter leather with a pearl white appearance that is ideal for white and light colorings that last.

Lower chemical, salt and water requirements
Stahl’s EasyWhite Tan® system significantly improves the environmental footprint of tanning leather. It reduces the amount of chemicals used by one third compared with chrome tanning processes. Requiring no extra salt, it reduces the amount of salt in tanning wastewater by at least 80% and requires 40% less water, and wastewater can be easily recycled.

Higher output while saving time, energy and costs
Stahl EasyWhite Tan® simplifies the tanning process by eliminating the pickling and basification production steps. This cuts production time by 5 to 8 hours. Even better, the process only requires one tanning chemical instead of five to six. This reduces the risk of manufacturing errors and lowers the number of control checks needed during production from eight normally, to just two.

Stahl EasyWhite Tan® outperforms other chrome-free leather alternatives

Animal hides consist mainly of collagen, a protein formed into dense bundles known as fibrils and microfibrils. To stabilize the hide, a tanning agent must penetrate these fibrils and crosslink them. Traditional chrome-tanning agents only create links between certain constituents of the collagen molecules, while chrome-free aldehyde tanning agents only bind to the amino groups. Stahl EasyWhite Tan™, however, creates links with both groups, resulting in high elasticity on both sides. This makes leather tanned with Stahl EasyWhite Tan® flexible, tear resistant and highly versatile.

For tanners who are using the chromium-based wet-blue tanning system but also want to be more environmentally friendly, Stahl EasyBlue Tan® is ideal. The great thing is that you can create the same quality products using your familiar process and improve your sustainability footprint as you do it.

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Switch to sustainable leather tanning with Stahl EasyWhite Tan®
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