Create unique appearances with Stahl Edge Paint

Create unique appearances with Stahl Edge Paint

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Coloring leather gives designers new ways to shape their creations with new technologies which can take their collections one step further. So we developed a professional leather edge paint that not only enriches the designing possibilities, but also does it in a responsible way. A specialty system to style and protect the cut edge of a piece of leather, Stahl Edge Paint enhances the appearance of high-quality leather goods such as bags, shoes and wallets. 

Let leather edge paint inspire you

Leather edge paint can make leather an even more versatile material in the designer’s palette. Complementing the material’s much-loved grain and feel, edge paint inspires and enables fashion, interior and automotive interior designers to push their imaginations and collections a step further. With Stahl’s polyurethane resin technology, Stahl Edge Paint meets the high product requirements not only in design, but in manufacturing and sustainability, too.

Advanced polyurethane technology benefits

As a natural material, leather needs to be cared for and protected if it is to last. Exposure to high temperatures and humidity, plus the long-term contact with body oils, perspiration and acids that occurs with normal use can cause older technologies to fail. The result is cracking, peeling (delamination) and discoloration.

Stahl Edge Paint is a modern, polyurethane technology that gives consumers the edge paint effect they love, and leading brands the performance they demand. Based on an advanced primer coat and color coat combination, it dries faster and requires fewer layers, which reduces manufacturing time, and comes in a wide choice of advanced pigment and fashion effects. We also offer a best-in-class top coat technology for the most demanding applications. And reflecting growing market demands, Stahl professional paint edger products are part of our Stahl Neo® 2.0 portfolio of ZDHC MRSL-compliant products. These comply with and exceed the standard laid out in the Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL).

Choose from standard and custom sustainable colors

Stahl offers a standard color range to support a wide range of clients producing various leather goods. If it’s a custom color you need, we can do that too, developing it with you at our Center of Excellence for Edge Dye in Graulhet, France. Our advanced processing allows for application critical viscosity to be maintained within a narrow tolerance of ± 100 cps, and our edge dyes are warehoused and shipped in a temperature-controlled environment to deliver the specified viscosity. 

High-performance edge dyes for impactful fashion statements

Consumers are purchasing more leather items than ever before, from the traditional shoes, boots, bags, belts, wallets and purses, to protective covers for laptops, tablets and smartphones. This in turn is driving people’s desire to stand out. Being leather is no longer enough on its own.

One way to achieve this is through the use of colored edge paint, a technology that is mainly used to coordinate clothes and accessories to make a high-impact fashion statement. Older edge paint technology can fail under adverse conditions, leading to cracking, peeling and color migration. To prevent consumer dissatisfaction and possible claims, the leading European luxury brands wanted to raise the level of product quality of edge paint.

In response, Stahl now operates a dedicated edge paint R&D team in Graulhet, France. There, we came up with a brand-new edge paint range that uses our latest polyurethane resin technology as building blocks. Following highly positive reviews and tests by leading European brands, we brought our high-performance edge paint technology to market.

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Create unique appearances with Stahl Edge Paint
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