More responsible luxury goods with Stahl Ymagine®

At Stahl, we understand the need of adapting to offer solutions that rely less on finite fossil carbon resources. Keeping this firmly in mind, we developed Stahl Ymagine®, which comes under the umbrella of Stahl Ympact®, Stahl’s growing family and portfolio of renewable carbon products that lead Stahl’s corporate Responsible Chemistry Initiative. 

Stahl Ymagine® is an innovative range of coatings offers the best quality bio-based edge paints on the market, with outstanding performance and the highest percentage of bio-based content. All Stahl Ymagine® products (a primer and colour coats with three different finishes) have been externally analysed to verify their exact levels of bio-based content, in accordance with the ASTM D6866 standard. Besides, Stahl Ymagine® edge paints perform exceptionally well in key aspects, such as rub fastness, flexibility, hydrolysis resistance, adhesion and colour transfer.  

Stahl edge paint products for leather and synthetics are used by leading luxury goods brands, among others, to give handbags, belts and other accessories a sophisticated finish. The development of the Stahl Ymagine® range of bio-based edge paint products, therefore, marks the next phase in Stahl’s ongoing strategy to de-fossilise our value chain and work with our customers to deliver solutions made with more renewable feedstocks.   

Exceptional performance, responsibly produced 

At Stahl, we are committed to better understanding the environmental and social impacts of our supply chains, this is why we perform supplier and renewable raw material risk assessments to support the responsible sourcing of the biomass contained in Stahl Ymagine® products. This involves a thorough evaluation of the origin of the materials, which are analysed to ensure full compliance with LCA methodology.  

Responsible Chemistry in Action 

As with our other edge paints, Stahl Ymagine® complies with and exceeds all the standards laid out in the Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL). 

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