Stahl Easy Crust™ enables and inspires your creativity

Stahl Easy Crust™ enables and inspires your creativity

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Looking for a versatile leather dye to color footwear and leather goods? The various colors of Stahl Easy Crust™ help shoe designers and tanners to create almost any shade for small as well as large production runs. Easy to apply and delivering excellent performance, it provides an inspiring shortcut to unlimited creativity.

Dyeing leather footwear and goods made easy

Stahl Easy Crust™ awakes everyone’s inner artisan. The dyes range combine sustainability with easy application to the leather crust, allows tanners to minimize their stocks and offers ultimate flexibility. It can be ironed, polished or both to maximize shine and transparency, and application is with a sponge followed by polishing to the level of luster you want.

Key benefits of coloring leather with Stahl Easy Crust™:

About crust leather

Crust leather is leather that has been dried after tanning but has not yet been dyed. No matter how it has been tanned, crust leather is nearly always colored as part of the crusting process, which involves thinning, retanning and regreasing, plus drying and softening.

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Stahl Easy Crust™ enables and inspires your creativity
Joachim Henkmann
Global Marketing - Business Unit Leather Chemicals