Stahl secures ISCC PLUS re-certification for facilities in Germany and the Netherlands

July 18, 2023

Waalwijk, 18 July 2023 – Stahl, a leading provider of coating technologies, announces the successful re-certification of two manufacturing sites, in Germany and the Netherlands, according to the ISCC PLUS standard. The re-certification of the sites by certifying body TÜV NORD means Stahl can continue to scale up its use of renewable feedstocks across its polyurethane portfolio and beyond. This will enable the company to offer customers more products containing attributed renewable raw materials. The development marks a key step forward in Stahl’s supply chain transparency ambitions, targeting greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions across the value chain.

The ISCC PLUS-certified products manufactured at Stahl’s Waalwijk and Leinfelden locations include selected polyurethane coatings for flexible materials such as textiles, film and paper. The polyurethanes are made with between 20% and 70% renewable attributed biomass and recycled content. These products have the same performance as traditional fossil-based alternatives.

Renewable content is measured and verified using the mass balance methodology. This is a calculation-based approach that tracks the flow of materials through complex supply chains. Mass balance-certified products, such as those adhering to the ISCC PLUS standard, typically contain a mix of renewable- and non-renewable-derived feedstocks. The mass balance principle ensures that the percentage of renewable feedstocks always remains consistent, from sourcing to finished product.

Michael Costello, Group Director of ESG at Stahl: “Mass-balance certification verifies that Stahl’s manufacturing sites adhere to the highest standards of traceability, which is required to produce high-performing products containing both fossil- and renewable-derived feedstocks. Certification also requires a transparent chain of custody for the renewable raw materials used by the reporting company. This is essential to mitigate potential upstream supply chain risks, making ISCC PLUS certification a key tool for promoting greater supply chain transparency across the industry.” 

Lidia Martínez, ESG Supply Chain Transparency Manager at Stahl: “We are pleased to offer customers more mass balance-certified products made with ISCC PLUS-certified raw materials. Thanks to our re-certification, we can keep expanding our range of mass balance-certified polyurethanes made with bio-based, bio-circular and circular raw materials. ISCC PLUS re-certifications are an assurance of the quality and transparency of Stahl’s mass balance bookkeeping. Alignment with ISCC PLUS is one of the ways we support the responsible sourcing of renewable feedstocks by providing proof of traceability.”

ISCC – International Sustainability and Carbon Certification – is a certification system that offers solutions for the implementation and certification of sustainable, deforestation-free and traceable supply chains for a wide range of bio-based and circular materials. These include biomass waste and residues, non-biological renewables and recycled carbon materials. Independent third-party certification ensures compliance with high standards of ecological and social sustainability, as well as traceability, throughout the supply chain. All ISCC PLUS certificates are publicly available via the ISCC PLUS portal.

A leading certifying body with more than 1,200 expert auditors all over the world, TÜV NORD provides professional audit and certification services across a range of industries, from aerospace to food service. TÜV NORD has been Stahl’s certification partner since 2022 when it certified compliance with the ISCC PLUS standard at Stahl’s Waalwijk and Leinfelden sites.