Inspiring partnerships for new material technologies

Inspiring partnerships for new material technologies

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New materials and new material technologies are emerging everywhere we look. Materials based on fruit textiles like mangoes and pineapples for example. And at some point, every innovative company or start-up encounters the same issue: How do you ensure these breakthrough materials have the performance you require and the aesthetic look and feel you want? As an expert in surface technologies, we love new ideas and solving the challenges that come with them.

Sustainable solutions that add functionality, durability and comfort to every material

Take fruits. Fruits not only taste great, but circular economy companies are now showing that it is also possible to wear their byproducts as well. But before they go mainstream, they often need some help to ensure these materials will last a long time and can be given turned into comfortable and desirable fashion and other items. And all in a way that is sustainable. 

With our experience, knowledge and expertise, we work on innovative solutions for new materials every day. We help companies that are developing new materials from renewable natural resources to take their innovations to the next level. Our chemicals, coatings and finishing solutions increase the functionality, durability and comfort of every possible material, while improving the environmental footprint of the industry.

Examples of partnerships for innovative new materials

Stahl is working with partners on several projects to improve the performance and aesthetics of fruit-based materials. One example is an initiative to make new materials from fruit waste which began as a school project by two students from Rotterdam. Stahl is researching how these materials can be made strong enough for them to be used in shoes or bags, for example. 

Ananas Anam is another example of an inspiring partnership. Together, we are developing more sustainable finishes for their new material, Piñatex®, made from pineapple fibers. Our bio- and water-based Stahl EVO® resins give the pineapple textile a leather-like appearance, creating a sustainable textile that is soft, flexible and very durable. The finishing enhances the performance and sustainability of the leaf fibers and gives them the aesthetics and qualities the fashion industry requires. Result: a new generation of a fruit-based material that meets the growing consumer interest in natural and sustainable clothing that contributes to the circular economy.

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Inspiring partnerships for new material technologies
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