Beautiful scratch-resistant matte coatings with PolyMatte<sup>®</sup> for synthetics and leather

Beautiful scratch-resistant matte coatings with PolyMatte® for synthetics and leather

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With matte coatings trending hard, product, fashion and interior designers need to be confident that the matting agents they choose to create a luxurious appearance will stay looking wonderful for a long time. Stahl PolyMatte® scratch-resistant coating prevents scuffing and polishing to extend the lifespan of matte sofas, matte car, boat and airplane interiors, matte accessories and matte interior surfaces. Our industry is always pushing for more – more performance, easier application, better environmental footprint – and PolyMatte® checks all the boxes.

Full matting solution for long-lasting finishes

PolyMatte® is a proprietary Stahl polyurethane dispersion technology that works with water-based, custom-made coatings that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of aesthetics, performance and sustainability. PolyMatte® forms a smooth, matte surface structure during the film forming and drying stage so that no fillers are needed. Being a polyurethane, PolyMatte® makes every article feel more luxurious, while its flexibility and scratch and abrasion resistance ensures it maintains its character for longer. Stahl PolyMatte® is a wide-ranging product line that exceeds other matting agent technologies. Stahl PolyMatte® comprises a wide portfolio of top coats and duller concentrates.

Choice of bio-based matting for leather

Stahl promotes environmentally responsible practices. Because of this, we have begun using natural and renewable resources in the development of new finishing technologies. Our bio-based PolyMatte®, developed for leather finishing, is made with rapeseed oil instead of crude oil intermediates. So it’s better for the environment. And the solid part of the rapeseed becomes animal feed or fertilizer as it contains fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. The result is a bio-based technology with no waste.

Key benefits of PolyMatte® matte coating technology

Our PolyMatte® portfolio, including Bio-based PolyMatte®, is resistant to solvents, oil, UV, oxidation, scratches, high temperature and hydrolysis. With PolyMatte®, we can help you ensure the durability of your products with no esthetic compromises, and the choice to improve your environmental footprint. Perfect for tomorrow’s iconic products.

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Beautiful scratch-resistant matte coatings with PolyMatte<sup>®</sup> for synthetics and leather
Joachim Henkmann
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