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Eagleban™: Future-proof flame retardants

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The possibilities of our flame retardants portfolio Eagleban™ are endless. We develop water-based performance coatings, additives and polymer dispersions that ensure flame-retardant environments and settings. From tailor made solutions for airplanes to home interior and event tent material. We are fully committed to the environmental and social responsibilities that come with our leadership position. Our primary goal is to achieve a more transparent supply chain by stimulating cooperation in the supply chain. We believe sustainability evolves as a consequence. Product safety is more important than ever. Flame retardants help to prevent fires from starting and increase valuable escape time when fires do start. We offer top-notch performance coating solutions, which can meet rigorous flame-retardant standards when needed. Our water-based flame-retardant technology has been designed to meet the environmental profile of an evolving world. That is why Stahl’s flame retardants can be used in a variety of industries from Aviation and Automotive to Technical Textiles and Home Interior. The full life cycle of Stahl’s flame-retardant products have been evaluated from initial production through recycling at the end of consumer product life. Stahl’s flame retardants have been deemed safe for continued use and comply with international fire standards of various industries.

FR portfolio product overview

Stahl offers a broad range of flame-retardant building blocks, varying from water-based performance coatings, to polymer dispersions, binders and additives. Below you find a number of our available technologies.

Eagleban™ FRA 4311 Intumescent A highly effective, durable flame retardant for all types of fibres. Intumescent flame retardant which imparts flame retardancy by forming a char rather than affecting the melt properties of the substrate. Excellent choice for barrier type uses.
Eagleban™ FRA-4007 Phosphorous Aqueous dispersion of an ammonium polyphosphate and nitrogen. Recommended for applications where halogenated flame retardants and antimony oxide cannot be used. Effective on different blends of fibers where water resistance is important.
Eagleban™ FRA-4089 Nitrogen Aqueous dispersion of a melamine pigment. To be used as a synergist for phosphorous based flame retardants. Effective on cellulosic fabrics.
Eagleban™ FRA-7070/td> Phosphorous/Phosphonate A phosphonate ester emulsion. Recommended for use as a flame retardant for polyester fabrics where wash resistance is required. This emulsion has no effect on the handle of the fabric.
Eagleban™ FRA-7111 Phosphorous/Nitrogen Water soluble, non durable, polyphosphoric acid, recommended for use as a flame retardant for polyester and polyester/cellulosic blends. To be applied by padding. Not to be used in applications that require water soak resistance. Low corrosion sensitivity.
Eagleban™ FRA-9320 Phosphorous A durable, non-fogging and highly effective liquid fire retardant additive. Designed for use in automotive flame retardant coatings. Addition to solventborn- or high solid PU systems is a good starting point for fire retardant formulations.
Eagleban™ FRA-9450 Phosphate/Phosphorous/Bromine Liquid flame retardant for non-waterborne systems. The flame retardant contains proprietary halogens and phosphorous. It has low effect on physical properties of the used polymer, low discoloration effect and very good hydrolytic stability.
Eagleban™ FRA-9457 Phosphate/Phosphonate ester Effective, liquid, halogen free flame retardant suitable for a.o. flexible polyurethane foams. Its high molecular weight is advantage for automotive applications because its low fogging and low VOC emissions.
Eagleban™ FRA-9460 Phosphorous A non-fogging fire retardant additive based on phosphorous and a.o. designed for automotive flame retardant coatings. Best as addition to flame retardant formulations that already contain a primary flame retardant additive (prevention of burning droplets).
Eagleban™ FRA-9551 Phosphorous Hydroxy functional oligomeric phosphate/phosphonate ester. Suitable for cellulosic textiles. Can be made durable/semi-durable to laundering when crosslinked.
Eagleban™ FRA-8072 Bromine Aqueous dispersion of a proprietary halogen with antimony pentoxide as synergist. Can be used in environmentally sensitive end uses as there are no restrictions on the used halogens. Suitable for automotive applications.
Eagleban™ FRA-8526 Bromine/Chlorine Highly effective aquous dispersion of an encapsulated decabromodiphenyl ethane with antimony trioxide.
Eagleban™ FRA-9118 Mg/Zn derivates Blend of minerals recommended for use as synergist in halogenated flame-retardant systems, like PVC plastisols. Environmental friendly replacement of antimony trioxide.
Eagleban™ FRA-4133 Mg/Zn derivates Aquous dispersion of a blend of minerals, recommended for use as synergist in halogenated flame-retardant systems, Designed as a replacement for antimony trioxide.
Eagleban™ FRC 0387 Phosphorous/Nitrogen Ready for use flame retardant compound for backcoating of synthetic and synthetic/cellulosic fabrics. Especially designed to meet BS 5852-2.
Eagleban™ FRC-9500 Intumescent Ready for use flame retardant compound for back coating of synthetic/cellulosic fabrics, providing excellent intumescent and heat shielding properties.
Eagleban™ BF-50 Intumescent + graphite Same as Eagleban™ FRC-9500 with additional graphite.
Eagleban™ FRC-5126 Halogen/Nitrogen Ready for use flame retardant compound for (back) coating of polypropylene, polyamide fabrics or blends. ATO free. Nitrogen as synergist.

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Eagleban™: Future-proof flame retardants
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