Stahl Stay Clean® advanced protective coating for leather and synthetic materials

Who doesn’t love the plush, luxurious appeal of a light-colored leather or synthetic surface? And who doesn’t hate it if that pastel surface becomes dirty, stained, scuffed or otherwise damaged? Stahl Stay Clean® is a dirt-repelling, protective shell surface that protects natural and manmade materials against common soiling like dye transfer from jeans, coffee stains and general dirt and wear and tear. And it makes cleaning the surface easy to create a robust product lifetime treatment.

Dirt-repelling coating for light colored surfaces

Stahl Stay Clean® is a dirt-repelling, anti-soiling, anti-stain and anti-scratch coating technology that adds a robust protective layer to leather and synthetics. This prevents the migration of stains and dyes into the material’s substrate. It also makes cleaning easy and prevents the everyday knocks and scuffs that regular use inflicts on seats, sofas, tables, interior surfaces and other interior products. The Stahl Stay Clean® product range comprises matte and gloss finishes, and repeated application safeguards its ongoing protective power. Specific crosslinkers and surface modifiers can further enhance properties like soft touch and smooth feeling.

Test results:

  • Excellent resistance to dye ingress, stain and soil

  • Passed 150,000 Bally flexes

  • Passed accelerated weathering tests (ISO 105 B06 / SAEJ2412)

  • Passed abrasion tests

  • Low squeaking in stick-slip test (VDA 230-206)

More comfortable and durable coating for vehicle seats and trim

For vehicle interiors like those in cars and airplanes, Stahl Stay Clean® has a further benefit: it reduces squeaks and rattles. This is a growing issue as cars – EVs in particular – and airplanes become quieter. Seat and trim-related problems are often caused by deterioration of the leather or synthetics surfaces. Stahl Stay Clean® can significantly increase product life by protecting the surface and adding to its abrasion resistance. And extending product life helps contribute to a more sustainable world.

Build consumer loyalty with Stahl Stay Clean®

With Stahl Stay Clean®, we’ve focused our R&D on developing a next-generation surface technology and solutions that enhance consumer satisfaction. Our goal is to give OEMs and interior creators an edge, so they can perform their magic and enhance brand loyalty with long-term satisfaction so that consumers come back again and again at repurchasing time.

Brand benefits:

  • Enhanced product lifespan

  • Save time for people through efficient cleaning

  • Protect your product’s aesthetic qualities and maintain its protective shell

  • Reduce squeak and rattle in car interiors

  • Use the freedom to design with light-colored surfaces

  • Dual-use application in production and aftercare

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