RelcaLink™ and Permutex<sup>®</sup> Crosslinkers for Elastomer Coatings

RelcaLink™ and Permutex® Crosslinkers for Elastomer Coatings

Crosslinkers react with binders or themselves to improve physical properties of the coating. That means they play a vital part in adding properties to a specific coating,, such as increased strength, hardness, improved adhesion or chemical resistance. Stahl offers a range of crosslinkers, amongst which our Relcalink™ 10 solution, suitable for improvement of elastomer coatings.

Relcalink™: crosslinker designed for automotive elastomer coatings

Crosslinkers for elastomer coatings such as the more sustainable Relcalink™, help automotive interiors achieve new levels of comfort, safety, style and technical possibilities. For example, using RelcaLink™ 10 enables rapid curing, high crosslink density, squeak and itch suppression and excellent anti-blocking properties. It ensures high chemical resistance, without losing softness and flexibility. Vital qualities the automotive industry is looking for, as each minor advantage offers a competitive edge in driving comfort.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent anti-blocking properties
  • Squeak and itch suppression
  • High crosslink density
  • Rapid curing
  • High chemical resistance
  • Soft and flexible
  • Enhanced adhesion

High-performance Permutex® crosslinker solutions

Apart from RelcaLink™, Stahl offers water-based and solvent-based Permutex® crosslinker systems based on different chemistries:

  • Carbodiimide
  • Isocyanate
  • Melamine
  • Aziridine

The crosslinkers in our Permutex® XR portfolio all provide specific properties that make them the best solution for elastomer coatings and materials like EPDM. Permutex® XR-13-554, for instance, is our low-VOC, more sustainable polycarbodiimide crosslinker that offers 2-stage extra reactivity for optimum resistance properties, while Permutex® XR-13-621 in its turn is the HAPs-free, multifunctional choice. Permutex® XR-5508, the water-based polycarbodiimide crosslinker is not only VOC-free, but also has an extreme long pot-life.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid curing
  • High crosslink density
  • Good anti-blocking properties
  • Increased strength, hardness, adhesion and chemical resistance
  • Enhanced adhesion
  • Long pot-life

Product overview

Product name
Solvent system
Viscosity (mPa.s)
Recommended dosage (%)
Solids (%)Curing (°C)
Special features
RelcaLink™ 10
1504 - 6
75100 - 120
Multi-functional reactivity. We will also launch a "label free" version of our famous RelcaLink 10
Permutex® XR-13-554
12003 - 6
10070 - 140
Polycarbodiimide Crosslinker
Permutex® XR-13-621
3404 - 10
5070 - 120
Multifunctional Polycarbodiimide HAPs-free
Permutex® XR-5508
2504 - 8
40100 - 120
Polycarbodiimide, VOC-free, extreme long pot life
Permutex® XR-5580
604 - 10
5070 - 140
Polycarbodiimide Crosslinker; 2-stage extra reactivity for optimum resistance properties.
Permutex® XR-2500
2002 - 3

RelcaLink™ and Permutex<sup>®</sup> Crosslinkers for Elastomer Coatings
Anne Craig

Global Market Manager Elastomer Coatings & In Mould Coatings

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RelcaLink™ and Permutex<sup>®</sup> Crosslinkers for Elastomer Coatings
Anne Craig
Global Market Manager Elastomer Coatings & In Mould Coatings