Flooring solutions to protect and maintain busy floors

Flooring solutions to protect and maintain busy floors

Flooring in public spaces faces heavy footfall and needs to be able to resist daily usage. The same goes for floors in shops, factory floors, offices and communal buildings. Repairs and maintenance need to be fast and effective. We offer flooring solutions that add high-durability and maximal resistance to the surfaces like concrete, wood and PVC

High-performance for heavy footfall on any surface

Maintenance on floors is an expensive undertaking for work facilities or public areas, as it limits traffic and efficiency. Public areas, such as shops or public buildings, face heel marks and heavy footfall that stains and mars the floor surface. In Industrial facilities damage to the floors can hamper expedition and efficiency or even cause unwanted risks. Even the floors in our home need to retain their looks and qualities for a good number of years. That is where floor coatings with exceptional properties can make the difference. Stahl Polymers provides coating technologies for various substrates, whether it’s concrete, wooden flooring, parquet or numerous other materials.

Your partner in excellent flooring solutions

Stahl offers solutions for floor coating and maintenance. Our coating technologies aim to improve abrasion resistance and floor hardness, but also resist the most common forms of damage, staining and soiling. Regular care with advanced polishes ensures that the original qualities of the floor coating are retained and restored, improving the durability of the floor coating. Not only are these polishes designed to provide excellent properties and resistance, but also rapid application and high-speed buffing. This reduced maintenance time and costs, which can make a vital difference in high-traffic areas.

To help you find the right match for your flooring we provide our innovative solutions tailored to specific needs through a partnership-as-service approach. Here we tailor technologies to your particular requirements. Looking to meet specific demands? Do not hesitate to approach us for the possibilities.

Key Benefits of our flooring solutions

Our compatible portfolio for flooring contains coating solutions that improve the resistance and durability of flooring that faces heavy footfall. Our additional polishing solutions ensure retained qualities and looks for an extended life

Key benefits of Stahl solutions for floor coatings:

  • High hardness
  • Extended coating durability
  • Very good scratch resistance
  • Very good black heel mar resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Matting or high-gloss effects
  • High resistance to stains and chemicals 
  • Solvent-free resins with low emissions (so low VOC).

Key benefits of Stahl solutions for floor polishes:

  • Excellent wear resistance, high gloss retention
  • Suitable for high-speed buffing
  • Good black heel mar resistance
  • Good resistance to detergents
  • Easy to remove with alkaline solutions
  • Compatible with polyurethane dispersions

Flooring solution portfolio overview

Here you find a selection of the coating and polishing solutions Stahl offers for flooring. For specific applications and our extended portfolio, do not hesitate to contact us.

Solid content (%)
Picassian® AC-126Styrene-acrylicYes4050Very good adhesion on concrete. High hardness.
Picassian® AC-192OH-functional and self-crosslinking acrylicYes40391K and 2K (with isocyanates) systems. Excellent chemical resistances.
Picassian® AC-233Metal bound acrylicYes4064Floor polish coatings. High and durable gloss.
Relca® PU-476Aliphatic polyester PUD
Very good chemical resistance. 42% based on renewable resources.
Relca® PU-655Aliphatic polycarbonate PUDYes3574High hardness and very good scratch and chemical resistance
Relca® PU-683
Aliphatic polyester PUDYes40
< 5
Outstanding abrasion resistance

See also our water-based acrylic polymer and polyurethanes here.

Flooring solutions to protect and maintain busy floors
Raymond Bakker

Global Business Director Polymers

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Flooring solutions to protect and maintain busy floors
Raymond Bakker
Global Business Director Polymers

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