Performance coatings that enhance product qualities

Performance Coatings – where performance meets innovation

Our cutting-edge coating solutions are not just about enhancing products; they're about touching lives. At Stahl, we specialise in developing sustainable coatings with a positive impact, offering a widerange of options for flexible substrates.

For our Performance Coatings business, it's about more than what you can see – it's also about what you touch and feel. Join us in revolutionising industries with coatings that transcend the ordinary and elevate the extraordinary. Unveil pioneering and high-performance coating solutions that will transform automotive interiors for seat and trim surfaces and change the game for the elastomer coatings, synthetics, technical textiles, coated fabrics and industrial coatings industries.

Renewable Feedstocks portfolio

To reduce the environmental footprint of our coatings, we’ve developed our renewable feedstocks portfolio called NuVera®

Elastomer coatings that meet automotive market needs

Automotive elastomer coatings need to address technical challenges and current industry trends. Our advanced polymer technologies for EPDM, weatherstrips and flock adhesives deliver the highest performance car manufacturers look for to meet market demand.

The highest quality seat & trim solutions

The automotive market is facing transformative trends such as automated driving, shared mobility and electronic vehicles. Stahl’s seat & trim solutions ensure retained comfort and durability with high-end VOC-free interior coating technologies for a world in motion.

Enhancing properties with coatings for synthetic materials

Stahl provides solutions for synthetic surfaces with polyurethane coating technologies, matting agents and protective coatings to enhance product life and add desired properties. A large part of our solutions are part of our responsible Stahl EVO® portfolio.

The highest performance in coated fabrics

Technical textiles and coated fabrics fulfill many applications that demand the utmost of their performance. Stahl provides various technologies, custom-made to help meet the high-performance demands of todays market.

Film and paper technologies for durable materials

With solutions for film and paper, Stahl provides coating technologies for furniture foils, security papers and decorative surfaces that offer all the desired qualities, while meeting market legislative standards.

Flame retardants, customized to your safety standards

Safety solutions can make a vital difference when it matters most but need to meet strict regulations. That’s why Stahl offers tailor-made flame retardant solutions, customized to meet your product needs and any desired legislative standards.

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