Durable wood coatings that retain the natural look

Durable wood coatings that retain the natural look

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Wood is one of the most beloved materials we use in our homes, both indoor and outdoor. As wood is natural material, it requires coating and treatment to preserve its qualities and looks against the elements, daily wear and tear and natural decay. Water-based resins solutions from Stahl Polymers offer that protection with exceptional properties, versatile application and numerous production benefits.

Outdoor wood finish that is strong and durable

From simple fencing to iconic wooden-landmarks and design hotels, outdoor wood needs protection against rain, sun and freezing temperatures. Stahl Polymers provides polymeric technologies that are highly durable and resistant. These resins react with the wood, while retaining its flexibility, natural look, warmth and pleasant touch. They protect wood against UV exposure, daily use and handling or damaging. Wood coating resins for outdoor use offer both high gloss and (semi) matte finishes and can also be pigmented to offer color options.

Retaining the pristine looks of indoor wood 

Many of our solutions are free of hazardous effects and solvent-free to ensure a safe home interior environment with fresh air. We modify several of our VOC-free or low-VOC water-based coatings with natural oils instead to offer both longevity and a sustainable option for a lasting interior that is safe and healthy. Our technologies are an easy choice for formulators as they can easily be enhanced through crosslinking with polycarbodiimide crosslinkers that selectively react with carboxylic acid (–COOH) groups in polymer chains. When opting for a 2K coating the chemical resistance against chemicals, stains and water are enhanced and also hardness and scratch resistance. This way, we ensure the pristine quality of natural wood is preserved. Our portfolio contains many APEO- and solvent-free acrylics, urethanes and hybrids to create the right coating, whether it concerns furniture, wooden interior parts or even toys and decoration.

Your partner in Indoor & outdoor wood coatings technology

The wood coatings market has always been a priority for Stahl Polymers. Our R&D team uses the best available technologies (core-shell, controlled particle size, self-crosslinking, renewable resources, etc.) to develop new binders. The application team combines and formulates them in order to bring them to their peak performance. Not just in the coating properties, but also in production benefits such as fast-drying, non-sticking and easy sanding properties. Together with the long pot-life, this makes Stahl wood coating resins a value-add for manufacturers, both in production as well as product properties.

Key Benefits of Indoor & outdoor wood coatings

Our wood coating resins provide formulators with a range of advantages in both product quality and production efforts:

Product benefits are:

Production benefits:

Indoor & outdoor wood coatings portfolio overview

Below you find a selection of our portfolio for wood coatings, both indoor and outdoor. For our full portfolio or specific requests, do not hesitate to contact us.

Solids (%)
Features, benefits and uses
Picassian® AC-122
Self-crosslinking acrylic
Good chemical and blocking resistance. For high-performance furniture coatings.
Picassian® AC-169
Self-crosslinking acrylic
Outstanding blocking resistance. For use in high-performance furniture coatings.
Picassian® AC-192
OH functional and self-crosslinking acrylic
1K and 2K (with isocyanates) furniture coatings. Excellent chemical resistance.
Picassian® AC-233
Metal bound acrylic
Excellent tannin blocking properties. Floor polish coatings. High and durable gloss.
Picassian® AC-290
Self-crosslinking acrylic
Outdoor wood coatings. Excellent early water resistance.
Picassian® BI-001
Modified protein binder. 92% of the solid content is based on renewable resources.
To be used as anti-blocking additive. Improves early and final block resistance.
Relca® HY-288
Solvent-free and self-crosslinking hybrid.
Excellent stain resistance, including hot coffee in 1K white pigmented formulations.
Relca® HY-479
Solvent-free aliphatic polyester/alkyd PUD
33% derived from renewable resources, contains bio-succinate. Used in high gloss decorative coatings.
Relca® PU-476
Solvent-free aliphatic polyester/alkyd PUD
42% derived from renewable resources. Wood flooring  binder with outstanding appearance and chemical resistance.
Relca® PU-683
Solvent-free aliphatic polyester PUD
For high-end wood furniture and flooring coatings. Outstanding abrasion resistance.
Relca® UV-628
Solvent-free aliphatic UV curable polyester PUD
UV curable, outstanding chemical resistance, compatible with acrylic emulsions like Picassian® AC-126

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Durable wood coatings that retain the natural look
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