Protective metal coatings to face the elements

Protective metal coatings to face the elements

Wether it concerns electricity poles, coils, gas canisters or drilling platforms, they all have to withstand the elements or frequent handling. This requires metal coatings with exceptional performance and Stahl delivers just that. Our polymer technologies protect metal products and outdoor constructions against damage and corrosion, while meeting safety standards and regulation. 

Anti-corrosive, resistant and safe coating technologies

One of the main challenges for metal surfaces is preventing corrosion. Stahl Polymers provides resins that are alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO)-free. This enables alternative solutions that protect metal products and constructions from the oxidizing effects of water and humidity. This ensures their long-time high-performance functionality. At the same time, metal or metal-coated products face a lot of heavy-duty handling. Think of gas canisters or bottles or industrial drums, which require a hard, scratch-resistant coating. Water-based acrylic polymers are a vital component of chemical resistance properties required for industrial coatings that also retains their flexibility. We even design polymeric solutions that withstand the extreme conditions of a marine environment. Thanks to the versatility in polymer technologies we offer, compatibility and easy formulating, we can provide resin solutions with excellent results. Resins that offer protection for metal surfaces with high gloss, high scratch and abrasion resistance, with high flexibility and extremely high chemical resistance. 

Working with Stahl as partner for metal coating solutions

Stahl’s expertise in responsible chemistry has helped us become a rapid market leader in the field of metal coatings with a portfolio of acrylics and polyurethanes that are leading in performance. Additionally, we provide direct technical service to even our small-scale clients as we value each equally and understand their pressing needs for the right fit technologies. With first class resins, we can help formulate coatings that create hard surfaces with resistant film that leaves no cracks and holes, ensuring durable and long-term protection. As we produce locally, we can also provide fast services.

Key Benefits of Stahl’s metal solutions

There are numerous advantages to opting for Stahl Polymers when it comes to resins for metal surfaces. In addition, we can create solutions tailored to your precise needs in performance and legislative requirements.

Key benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion on metal
  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • Solvent-free and low VOC
  • High hardness
  • Excellent chemical resistances
  • From high gloss to satin/matt formulations

Metal solutions portfolio overview

Solids (%)
Features benefits and uses
Picassian® AC-015 (new)
Acrylic emulsion50.015Outstanding corrosion resistance. Very good adhesion on metal substrates.
Picassian® AC-126
Styrene-acrylic emulsion
Outstanding corrosion and blister resistance.
Picassian® AC-176
Styrene-acrylic, OH functional48.037

For oven bake systems with melamine. Outstanding hardness and chemical resistance on metal surfaces.

Picassian® AC-177
Styrene-acrylic emulsion, OH functional
High gloss version of Picassian® AC-176.
Picassian® AC-275
Alkali solube-acrylic40.022Excellent as a pigment grinding binder and gloss enhancer.
Picassian® AC-280
Styrene-acrylic emulsion
Outstanding corrosion and blister resistance. Direct to metal (DTM) coatings.
Picassian® PU-400
Aliphatic polycarbonate PUD35.0< 0For use in metal pre-treatment coatings. High hardness and chemical resistances.
Relca® PU-655
Solvent-free aliphatic polycarbonate PUD.
For use in metal pre-treatment and fingerprint coatings. Excellent heat and corrosion resistance.
Relca® PU-696
Solvent-free aliphatic cationic polycarbonate PUD
For use in metal pre-treatment. Excellent stability at low pH. High hardness.
Protective metal coatings to face the elements
Raymond Bakker

Global Business Director Polymers

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Protective metal coatings to face the elements
Raymond Bakker
Global Business Director Polymers

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