Igniting the age of responsible chemistry

Rethinking priorities and rewiring production

The world is facing defining challenges that require us to rethink priorities, drive environmental awareness and adapt production processes. At Stahl, the road to responsible chemistry started in 1978 with our first water-based finishing product. We are replacing petrochemicals with renewable resources, we use low-impact manufacturing chemicals, and we are working towards a circular economy. Read more about our vision on responsible chemistry.

Low-impact chemicals

We develop high-performance, low-impact chemical solutions with lower environmental impact by replacing finite resources and phasing out restricted substances.

Biotechnology for product development

Our innovative responsible solutions are designed using biotechnology, applying science and technology to alter living and non-living materials for product development.

Contributing to circularity

The transition to a circular economy requires looking at the whole product value chain, from reusing resources to composting. Going circular is an ongoing process, contributing where you can.

Life Cycle Assessment

At Stahl, we use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to measure the environmental impact of a product to add value to our customers and the supply chain.

Supply Chain Transparency

What can a responsible chemical company do to ensure that harmful practices aren’t hidden within its supply chain?