Stahl Design Studio<sup>®</sup>: go-to partner for the newest trend research

Stahl Design Studio®: go-to partner for the newest trend research

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A distinctive look and feel. Next year’s most exciting new colors. Cutting-edge surfaces and finishes. Stahl Design Studio® is your go-to partner for the newest trend research, latest insights and the best solutions for Automotive, Apparel & Accessories and interior design applications.

Fantastic products for demanding customers

Our technicians work closely with the world’s leading tanneries, manufacturers and brands to create fantastic products that meet the most critical customer demands. To keep our clients ahead of the competition, we hold customer sessions in which we share the latest insights into new technological opportunities to create fashionable items. Result: whether you work in leather or synthetics, our products and know-how will help you achieve your best solution for performance, sustainability and style.

Innovation that lowers environmental impact

As market leader in leather chemicals and performance coatings, we believe it is our responsibility to lower the environmental impact of the products we have a hand in. Stahl Design Studio® plays a big role in this by engineering solutions based on more environmentally responsible products from the Stahl portfolio. Products like Stahl EasyWhite Tan® tanning technology that lowers the carbon footprint and raw material usage of leather production, and the Stahl EVO® range of next-generation polyurethane coatings for garments, shoes, bags and other accessories.

Stahl Design Studio® for Shoes & Leather Goods

Stahl Design Studio® inspires and enables our Shoes & Leather Goods customers to integrate the latest fashion trends into their products. Twice a year, we present seasonal fashion and technology collections and color forecasts. These reflect insights from leading experts, including specialists at the Stahl Center of Excellence in Apparel & Accessories, in Italy. The Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections will inspire you to integrate the newest fashion, color and technology trends in your products, creating an on-trend look and feel that will also meet your demands for quality, durability and specific performance characteristics.

Stahl Design Studio® for the automotive industry

Stahl Design Studio® for Automotive specializes in trend and color forecasting. This includes developing appealing leather and synthetic trend collections for the industry. We also support customers in translating these trends into future product designs.

Based on the latest insights from leading experts, the studio develops a new automotive leather trend collection once a year. We create a trend collection for automotive performance coating every two years. Together, these trend collections enable our customers to integrate the latest fashion, color and technology into their products, and ensure they meet their quality, durability and specific performance requirements.

Stahl Design Studio® for architecture and interior design

Stahl Design Studio® for Architectural & Interior Design provides inspiration for everyone who wants to integrate current interior design trends into their products. Our collections reflect the latest global trends in both interior design and leather technology, from modern chic to vintage.

Our design collection for furniture upholstery simplifies the basics of creating an innovative and fashionable interior employing all kinds of furniture. Collection elements include a classic leather, vintage and pull-up collections, and the collection as a whole supports a wide variety of colors, printings and touch & feel. A real source of inspiration for the application of leather in interior design.

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Stahl Design Studio<sup>®</sup>: go-to partner for the newest trend research
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