A successful business that operates a sustainable model

A successful business that operates a sustainable model

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Stahl is a specialty chemical company that creates chemistry that appeals to people’s hearts and minds. Chemistry that triggers our senses while improving our environmental footprint. So there’s a future for our children and grandchildren. Responsible chemistry that meets tomorrow’s needs, based on imagining a better future, and then making it happen.

Sustainable chemicals and coatings

Stahl produces process chemicals for leather products and polymers and performance coatings for a variety of substrates, such as textile, paper, plastics, rubber, metal and wood. Through this, we offer solutions to the automotive, apparel & accessories and home interior sectors, and for industrial applications. We have four lines of business:

A unique market model

Environmentally responsible chemistry

We understand the impact chemical products can have on the environment, and we promote sustainable products wherever possible. To achieve this, we advocate transparency initiatives linked to the environment and social responsibility and focus on R&D that provides an environmental benefit for our customers. Our Stahl Sustainability Standard guides the way. 

Stahl is driving responsible chemistry in the supply chain. Responsible chemistry that meets tomorrow’s needs. We are actively searching for opportunities to replace petrochemicals by renewable resources. And it doesn’t stop there. We realize that to become truly sustainable and support the circular economy, we need to look at end-of-life management as well.

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A successful business that operates a sustainable model
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