Our strategic journey

With our world facing a series of pressing environmental challenges, the chemical industry can play a key role in enabling high living standards within planetary boundaries. By working together, organizations across the industry can improve the quality of its products and services, helping to shape a better world for more people.

At Stahl, for nearly a century, we have been collaborating with a range of partners to develop and deliver necessary chemistry. By fostering transparency and working to improve our environmental impact, together we have helped protect the communities in which we operate and shape a better chemical industry.

Building on this track record of collaboration and co-creation, we aim to embrace new technologies and enter new sectors to create solutions that meet the demands of our changing world. In doing so, we will continue to champion human rights, inclusion and diversity, and the safety of our people.

As we look to the journey ahead, we have identified four areas of strategic importance:

By applying our focus and efforts to these areas and working with partners throughout the value chain, we will raise the bar and deliver more value for our employees, customers, partners, investors, and society at large.