Digital transformation at Stahl | Accelerate innovation, connect people

Fostering greater connectivity, streamlined cooperation and increased cohesion.

Stahl’s digital transformation journey is a key enabler of our strategic ambitions. It’s allowing us to enter new markets and develop new applications, improve process efficiency and accelerate our innovation pipelines. But digital transformation isn’t just about the latest technology.

It’s a mindset. One that empowers our people to work more effectively, develop solutions that better meet our customers’ needs and feel closer to the global Stahl community. And it’s critical to our efforts to tackle climate change and help secure a better future for people and the planet. So, how are we implementing digital transformation across the business?

Accelerate innovation, connect people

These are the four areas where we believe digital transformation can benefit Stahl while creating more value for all our stakeholders:

  • Employee engagement

  • Operational efficiency

  • Research and development

  • Customer experience

Current initiatives include establishing a digital workplace to strengthen employee engagement. We’re also investing in process automation to create a safer working environment for our people while delivering high-quality products. And we’re using digital platforms to collaborate with value chain partners, increasing the traceability of our products.

What links all these digital transformation projects is their goal: driving better outcomes for customers, employees, society and the environment. Because amid the rapid changes in the global technology landscape, Stahl’s digital transformation strategy ensures that all our digital development remains fully aligned with our purpose: Touching lives, for a better world.

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