Open Innovation: adding value to society, together

Open Innovation: adding value to society, together

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Around the world, market and consumer demands are evolving at ever-greater speeds while environmental challenges increasingly demand cross-value-chain efforts. At the same time, digital technologies are democratizing research and development – expanding access to new skills, thinking, and technologies. Open innovation allows stakeholders and partners to work together to redefine what is possible.

Outside of Stahl, there are enormous amounts of available information that offer value for our people, products, and processes. By embracing open innovation, we can tap into this value to tackle key sustainability challenges and make our innovation processes faster and more efficient, and our solutions more impactful.

Building on our strong track record of co-creation and development, we aim to collaborate with a wide range of partners. Open innovation offers us the opportunity to innovate more efficiently, explore new markets, better address customer demands, and improve the environmental impact of our solutions. So that we can add value to all our stakeholders, including society at large. 

Our open innovation framework

At Stahl, we have developed a framework to further activate our open innovation ambitions. We have identified key areas in which our capabilities allow us to seize opportunities for positive impact:

  • Renewable feedstocks: our strong biotechnology partnerships will help us explore and engage with renewable, restorative, and regenerative chemistry, facilitating the move away from non-renewable carbon feedstocks.
  • Water quality: through close partnerships, we can co-develop solutions that reduce water consumption and pollution and enable water-based products.
  • Advanced functional chemistry: by tapping into external expertise, we can better develop chemical solutions with key functional properties for a variety of industries.

Within our framework, we want to create a matrix organization that is ready to co-create internally and engage with diverse external partners across all sectors and locations – from commercial innovation partners and start-ups to research institutes and NGOs. At the same time, we will continue to monitor the external landscape for new developments foster strong relationships with leaders in key fields of interest. 

We also plan to implement strong onboarding processes and an open innovation portal – key steps that will allow us to facilitate efficient and secure collaborations while allocating resources efficiently and protecting our intellectual property.

Our partnerships in open innovation

At Stahl we aim to collaborate with a wide range of partners. Below you can find examples of our partnerships in the development of innovative new materials.

HP latex inks

Stahl and HP partnered to make the printing of synthetic surfaces more sustainable and durable. HP Latex Ink with Stahl coating creates prints that stand out.
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The Bio NIPU project is a partnership to develop a 100% bio-based and non-toxic polyurethane for use in the textile and synthetic rubber industries.
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CHAMPION project

Stahl partners in Research and Innovation Action aiming to replace conventional polymers with novel bio-based polymers.
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The latest news on open innovation

Below you can find recent updates on developments related to open innovation within Stahl.

Stahl to engage leather-industry stakeholders worldwide through ACLE webina...

Waalwijk, The Netherlands, 17 August 2021 – Stahl, an active proponent of responsible chemistry, will continue its digital program for the All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) 2021, following the recen...
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Diversity: no boundaries, no frontiers

Stahl has facilities around the world, and at these facilities the world converges with international teams, working closely together. One example is our research chemists, who work on a daily basis t...
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Stahl COVID-19 update

The impact of lockdowns and travel restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic are still having a material impact on society and business activity. In particular, transport and logistics bottlenecks...
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