Open Innovation: adding value to society, together

Touching more lives, together

Stahl has a strong track record in co-creation and development, and innovation is deeply rooted in our company culture. While our research and development expertise spans the globe – with 13 R&D centres, 35 application labs and 9 centres of excellence – we’re always looking further for the best solutions.

Together with our open innovation partners, we extend our knowledge and challenge our thinking to develop even more effective, sustainable and customer-centric products. This enables us to meet evolving customer needs and address the challenges of tomorrow by exploring new technologies and approaches.

Fuelling our future

Our open innovation activities are primarily focused on the following areas, where we believe we can have the greatest impact:

  • Solving key challenges faced by our customers and markets

  • Increasing the sustainability profile of our product portfolio

  • Exploring technologies to access new markets and applications

  • Bringing new technologies and products to market faster

Scout, collaborate, develop

Choosing the right partners is essential to the success of our open innovation strategy. Our ‘scout, collaborate and develop’ strategy helps us screen candidates so that we can focus our resources on the most promising solutions.

Our approach to open innovation is threefold:

Partner with us

We partner with start-ups, mature companies, research institutes, industry organisations and academia.

If you have an idea or a technology that could be relevant for Stahl, please contact the Open Innovation Team by filling out the form below.

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