Whistleblower | Our Grievance Mechanism: we listen, and we act

Whistleblower | Our Grievance Mechanism: we listen, and we act

When people are unfairly affected by the actions of a company or its employees, grievance or whistleblower mechanisms can help provide a remedy by offering people a confidential outlet to voice concerns and report wrongdoing. They also serve as an early warning system for companies and can provide valuable insights for broader human rights issues.

At Stahl, we want to make a positive contribution to the lives of our employees, customers, business partners, investors, and society at large. To do so, we seek to maintain a healthy, open dialogue with all our stakeholders around the world and to develop a mutual understanding with them on relevant topics.

We always encourage employees and other affected parties to proactively come forward with their concerns. Our formal Grievance Mechanism/Whistleblower policy is open to all Stahl employees as well as anyone outside the company. It is a way to raise and discuss issues and complaints in total confidence. To do a proper investigation of the situation, a good report is needed, as it is difficult to investigate anonymous unsubstantiated reports. To meet any concerns about confidentiality, we have also created a list of “Confidants”, people in the company with whom concerns can be raised at the local level in each region. A list of these “Confidants” is available in the Employee corner of the Corporate HR website. 

Any grievance you bring to us will receive full attention. The company will listen, take steps to investigate and address the issue, and seek appropriate action with the responsible party.

What should I report?

How do I report an issue?

Please visit the following webpage for further information about Stahl’s corporate social responsibility policies and statements.

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Whistleblower | Our Grievance Mechanism: we listen, and we act
Alberta De Vries
Tax and Legal Manager