Chemistry brand services to enhance your product

At Stahl, we believe in a full-service cooperation with our customers by bringing together their market and product knowledge with our material expertise. That’s why we offer complete support as a one-shop-stop for brands, designers and manufacturers with a complete package of brand services to get products to the highest standards.

One-stop-shop for solutions, services and support

Our specialized technicians develop tailor-made solutions in close cooperation with designers to ensure that we meet the specific design and sustainability requirements of the brands. As trends in fashion, automotive, interior design and other industries are emerging faster than ever, we serve our customers at high speed to offer them key advantages on a competitive market. In this way, we support fashion brands to bring new collections to the shops as soon as possible. We do this with our package of brand services, which range from training, consultancy and support to development, prototyping and testing of custom solutions.

Our brand services include the following aspects: 

  • Shoe Finish

  • Edge Paint

  • Sustainability training courses at Stahl Campus®

Applying our knowledge to meet market demands

As our technicians work daily with leather, synthetics, fabrics and other materials, they know exactly what technical possibilities our chemistry can provide. To ensure the best possible application of our technologies, our technicians spend 80% of their time at customers’ locations. By providing service during the application process with testing and prototyping, we support our customers in achieving the desired and agreed-upon performance standards. With our cutting-edge technologies, innovations and the latest testing methods, we provide you with brand services that help your product exceed expectations.