Stahl Campus<sup>®</sup> promoting good practices and supply chain transparency

Stahl Campus® promoting good practices and supply chain transparency

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Knowledge and cooperation are the drivers in creating a supply chain that is more sustainable and transparent. Through Stahl Campus®, we commit to fill the talent gap observed in some of the markets that we serve as chemistry supplier by actively seeking ways to educate and train university students, NGOs, brands, suppliers, distributors, customers and other stakeholders in the supply chain.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

Industry knowledge hub for expert training

Stahl Campus®, our specialist training and knowledge center for leather and performance coatings, enables people in the industry to enhance their expertise with new information about best practices. Stahl has the knowledge, facilities and equipment to create first-class educational surroundings. That’s exactly what we do, under the motto: Let’s learn to create a better future together. Because together, we can innovate to reduce the environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

Stahl Explains

What do you know about chemicals? Are they essential in our everyday life? Is there something like ‘good’ or ‘bad’ chemicals? In our series ‘Stahl Explains’, our chemists and researchers will give clear answers to most frequently asked questions.

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Learning programs at Stahl Campus® and on-location

We opened Stahl Campus® in 2014 in Waalwijk (the Netherlands), and it quickly gained a reputation as an inspiring center of knowledge and training in production methods and chemical-use. Since then, we opened a Stahl Campus® in León (Mexico) and Guangzhou (China) and in Kanpur (India). 

We offer trainings at our Stahl Campus® facilities in:

  • The Netherlands (Waalwijk) led by Annelies Janssen-van Drunen and Peter van Dijk
  • Mexico (León) led by Juan Antonio Frias
  • China (Guangzhou) led by Karin Lee
  • India (Kanpur) led by Prasanna Maduri

What can Stahl Campus® do for you?

Our programs focus on the promotion of good practices in the leather supply chain and performance coatings. Today we train technicians from brands, OEMs and other manufacturers as well as students looking to enter the industry. Programs are mostly hosted at Stahl Centers of Excellences around the world, but we can also offer them on-site if preferred. Hundreds of people have successfully completed our training programs.

The ultimate goal of Stahl Campus® continues to be to promote good practices and transparency throughout the supply chain. Increasingly, Stahl Campus® not only offers structured, modular training courses to people in our industry, it also provides a forum for collective learning and wider debate about the future direction of our industry. In this way, it plays a key role in our wider commitment to transparency and sustainability.

Explore our expert training modules

Explore our expert training modules

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Annelies Janssen - van Drunen
Annelies Janssen - van Drunen
Global Campus Manager

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