The right chemistry for your leather

Future-proof solutions for your leather

In a rapidly changing industry, innovation offers the opportunity to transform leather production the right way. Our leather coating solutions draw on Stahl’s rich heritage in delivering novel solutions for automotive, fashion, footwear, interiors and other key segments.

Today, sustainability is a key focus. From wet-end to leather finishing, we develop solutions that contribute to a better world by improving durability and reducing the environmental impact of leather production.

Stahl Neo®: our sustainable leather chemicals

Our Stahl Neo® portfolio, covering both wet-end and leather finish products, meets and exceeds ZDHC compliance and helps you grow your business with more sustainable leather solutions.

Wet-End chemicals portfolio

Produce high-quality leather more sustainably. Our complete wet-end leather chemicals portfolio helps you meet the highest environmental and quality standards.

Leather Finishing chemicals portfolio

Create a wide range of high-quality finishes with Stahl’s sustainable leather finishing solutions. Our world-class technicians are able to formulate custom finishing systems that meet your requirements.

How a leather product is made

Leather products come in all shapes and sizes, and every step in the leather making process plays it role in creating the leather you want. Watch our video to learn how a leather product is made.


Introducing the Stahl Premium Leather Design Collection Spring Summer 2025!

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