Stahl Ympact®: Our family of renewable carbon products

In line with Stahl’s corporate Responsible Chemistry Initiative, our Leather division created Stahl Ympact®.

Stahl Ympact® is not any single product or a portfolio, but a growing family and framework of leather chemical solutions made with renewable feedstocks. Both for Wetend and for Finishing.
25% to 100% of the Stahl Ympact® product content is renewable coming either from biomass feedstock or carbon-captured CO2.

Supporting reduced environmental footprints

Stahl Ympact® is a key proof-point of our commitment to the Renewable Carbon Approach. Enabling and supporting the transition from fossil carbon to renewable feedstocks and helping to decouple growth from fossil-carbon resource consumption.

All Stahl Ympact® products have been tested and certified using the ASTM D 6866 carbon isotope method for bio-based carbon content.

Key benefits:

Excellent performance properties

Stahl Ympact® solutions deliver equal or improved functional performance to conventional alternatives and don’t require any retooling or requalification. The Stahl Ympact® solution can help a customer to reduce its environmental footprint without compromising quality or performance.

Futureproof your portfolio

By addressing the opportunities of defossilization and the growing demand for sustainable leather, Stahl Ympact® can help to futureproof our customer’s portfolio, seize new commercial opportunities, and enter new markets.

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