Stahl Ympact<sup>®</sup>: Our family of renewable carbon products

Stahl Ympact®: Our family of renewable carbon products

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In line with Stahl’s corporate Responsible Chemistry initiative, our Leather Chemicals division has created Stahl Ympact®. This isn’t any single product or portfolio, but a growing family of leather chemical solutions made with renewable feedstocks.

As part of Stahl Ympact®, we’ve also introduced our first product portfolio of renewable carbon polyurethanes for base- and topcoats in leather finishing. Between 25% and 70% of the content of these solutions is ‘renewable’, since it comes from biomass feedstock and/or carbon-captured CO2.

Supporting reduced environmental footprints

By enabling the transition from fossil carbon to renewable feedstocks, and helping to decouple growth from fossil-carbon resource consumption, Stahl Ympact® is a key proof-point of our commitment to the Renewable Carbon approach.

All Stahl Ympact® products have been tested and certified using the ASTM D 6866 carbon isotope method for bio-based carbon content.

Key benefits:

Continue enjoying high performance

Importantly, Stahl Ympact® can help your tannery reduce its environmental footprint without compromising quality or performance. Stahl Ympact® solutions deliver equal or improved functional performance to conventional alternatives and don’t require any retooling or requalification.

Futureproof your portfolio

By addressing the commercial opportunities of defossilization and the growing demand for sustainable leather, Stahl Ympact® can help you to futureproof your portfolio, seize new commercial opportunities, and enter new markets.

Which products are part of Stahl Ympact®?

We’re initially introducing seven specific product solutions of renewable carbon polyurethanes for base- and topcoats in leather finishing. To extend this range, further products are planned to be launched soon.

We developed these products with our partners, leveraging our strong track record in co-creation and open innovation. This has enabled us to accelerate development and ensure the highest quality standards.

Product portfolio

Adhesion BinderBasecoat Binders
Unires® RU-66-009Unires® RU-66-000
Unires® RU-66-005
Unires® RU-66-006
Premium TopcoatsPolyMatte®
PolyMatte® WT-66-485

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Stahl Ympact<sup>®</sup>: Our family of renewable carbon products
Joachim Henkmann
Global Marketing - Business Unit Leather Chemicals