Catalix®: A cationic fat liquor for leather processing that improves the environmental footprint

Stahl Catalix® is a unique cationic polymer technology that improves on conventional cationic fat liquor to deliver high quality leathers with an improved environmental impact. The Catalix® portfolio has excellent uptake into substrates resulting in lower Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).

Anionic surfactants vs. cationic surfactants

Unless oiled, freshly tanned leather soon dries into a hard mass. Fat liquoring with an emulsion of oil and water prevents this and helps to improve the break, stretch, stitch tear, tensile strength and comfort of the final leather.

Among the available leather processing formulations, anionic surfactants work better with more acidic water and on anionic materials such as vegetable tanned leather. Cationic surfactants are more effective at lower pH levels and on cationic materials such as chrome leather.

Making cationic fat liquors more sustainable

Stahl Catalix® is a polymer technology that takes cationic fat liquoring to a new level of sustainability. Our three liquid products replace traditional cationic leather chemicals to support lower-impact leather processing. Including these products in your retanning formulations delivers all these benefits:

  • High performance and excellent softening and feel

  • Excellent heat and light fastness

  • Excellent uptake into substrates resulting in potentially lower COD and BOD

  • Can be used in multi-charge fat liquoring systems to deliver savings and reduce pollution

  • Reduce chemical usage in fat liquoring by up to 20%

  • Higher exhaustion and fixation resulting in time savings and improved consistency

Product portfolio Catalix®

The Catalix® portfolio exists of Stahl Catalix® 150 liq, Stahl Catalix® LX liq and Stahl Catalix® GSX liq. All products are stable to acids and electrolytes and deeply penetrating.

  • Catalix® LX liq can be used in the pickle and (re)chrome tanning bath. It improves the chrome dispersion and results in better softness, keeping the wet-blue and final leather more tight. Catalix® LX liq is suitable for all leathers, including waterproof leather.

  • Catalix® GSX liq can be used in the pickle, chrome, retanning bath or in combination with other fatliquors. It enhances the feel and handle of leathers and enhances the color and feel. Catalix® GSX liq can be applied as top-fatliquor for nubuck or split and as a multi-charge fatliquor to improve fixation and softness.

  • Catalix® 150 liq, especially developed for Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ is suitable for all kinds of leather. It improves the softness and grain tightness and results in a silky, waxy surface touch. It is used in rechroming and fatliquoring and improves the fixation of other faliquors.

Our commitment to clean water and sanitation

Water technology is a key focus for Stahl and our leather processing chemicals, and we work with leading universities to improve the quality of effluent water. Besides Stahl Catalix®, other sustainable leather chemical products for reducing effluent pollution include Stahl Neo® and Stahl EasyWhite Tan™.