Aqueous pigments that help you achieve long-lasting colors

Aqueous pigments that help you achieve long-lasting colors

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When blended with resins, Stahl’s aqueous pigments can add a range of colors to leather, and offer excellent PVC migration, lightfastness, and heat yellowing properties, so that your color is sure to last. Whether you want to achieve a creamy white, an ochre or a jet-black shade, Stahl’s PPE®, Camotex®, Neosan®, and Torotex® portfolios have the aqueous pigment you need. We offer a range of aqueous pigment types, including both organic, iron oxide and inorganic.

Blue A Organic
Bordeaux Organic
Bright Green A Organic
Carmine A Organic
Cherry Red A Organic
Chestnut A Organic
Citron A Organic
Dark Blue A Organic
Dark Brown A Inorganic
Deep Black A Inorganic
Fast Maroon A Inorganic
Fire Red A Organic
Golden Yellow A Organic
Light Brown Inorganic
Magenta A Organic
Marine A Organic
Orange A Organic
Shading Black A Inorganic
Tan A Inorganic
Violet A Organic
White A Inorganic
White HS A Inorganic
Wine Red A Organic
Yellow Organic

Find out more about our aqueous pigments and their properties by downloading the catalog.

PPE® aqueous pigments for excellent PVC migration

Stahl’s PPE® aqueous pigments series includes a range of organic and inorganic pigments in a full range of colors ranging from fire red to bright green. This portfolio offers excellent PVC migration, with almost all pigments achieving a 5, the highest score, on the grey scale for staining. This means that there is no visual change in color fastness tests. These pigments also offer excellent lightfastness, with the majority achieving a grade 8, the highest score, on the blue wool scale. They also offer good heat yellowing performance, with almost all achieving a 4-5 or above on the grey scale for staining when exposed to 100°C for 144 hours.

High-performance Camotex® pigments

Our Camotex® portfolio offers a range of pigment types in colors including creamy white, maroon, lemon yellow, and jet black. These pigments offer excellent high-performance properties: almost all achieve a 4-5 or above on the grey scale for staining when it comes to PVC migration, and they offer excellent lightfastness and low heat yellowing at both full and reduced shades.

Rich, long-lasting Neosan® 2000 pigments

Stahl offers a range of Neosan® 2000 pigments in colors including cherry red, green and deep black. Our Neosan® 2000 pigment portfolio consist of iron oxide, inorganic and organic pigments. These pigments deliver exceptional performance: they all achieve top scores for PVC migration, lightfastness, and heat yellowing at both full and reduced shades.

Metallic color finishing with Torotex®

Our Torotex® PP-8000 Metallic Series add colored metallic finishes, including bronze, copper, pearl, silver and gold, to leather. They all achieve the highest possible scores for PVC migration and lightfastness and excellent scores for heat yellowing.

Stahl’s aqueous pigments are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL. 

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Aqueous pigments that help you achieve long-lasting colors
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