Lacquer pigments for bright, rich colors

Stahl’s Florentique® lacquer pigments come in a range of bright, rich colors from jet black to lemon yellow and creamy white, and a range of pigment types including organic, carbon black, and iron oxide. Stahl’s lacquer pigments help manufactures to create attractive products for markets including the apparel, accessories and interior design industries.

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Pigmented lacquers add a coat of color after tanning and can produce full, bright color. In this way, our high-performance Florentique® lacquers enable manufacturers to produce high-quality leather products for many applications, including garments, shoes and leather goods, and upholstery.

Florentique® lacquer pigments that easily add color

Our Florentique® lacquer pigments can add several rich colors to leather, which manufacturers can easily apply as a lacquer. These lacquers contain high levels of pigment for strong effects. In particular, our tan-colored LP-5159 and Ochre LP-5185 iron oxides contain 21% pigment, while our creamy white LP-5138 TiO2 pigment contains 38%. Our lacquer pigments also have a range of specific gravity values.

Most of Stahl’s lacquer pigments are part of the LP-5100 series, but we also offer the LP-68-415. This is a carbon black pigment that produces a deep black color, with a pigment content of 2.0% and a specific gravity of 930 kg/m3.

The majority of Stahl’s lacquer pigments are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.